Life is so funny….Tears of Laughter Proceed!


Oh life can be so funny sometimes.  First of all I want to say, just when I think things are figured out–here comes a curve ball!  At this point, I should just expect it.

Car problems.

Late last week, I had a warning light come on ever so often when I was out driving.  BRAKE in red would flash three times accompanied by three obnoxious beeps.  BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!  Then, it would stop.  I thought it might have been the break fluid that needed changed or adjusted so I just wrote it off.  On Sunday, my dad and I played mechanics and lifted up good ol’ Midnight Cruiser’s hood.

For those of you who don’t know, I drive a VW Beetle.  Year 2000.  The mechanic’s that work on my car have only now started to believe me that it might just so happened to be possessed.  For an instance, my radio stopped working.  I drove for 6 months no radio and for entertainment purposes I would practice my Karaoke.  My brother bought me another radio, had it installed and it decided to work for a good while.  Well I took my car in for some work a few months.  When I picked it up, my mechanic informed me that the radio decided to stop working and that he saw there was a radio in the trunk so he swapped it out.  Guess what?  It started working fine!  The radio that was in my trunk…..that was the original radio.  So random warning lights turning on for a few seconds one day truly doesn’t phase me as crazy quirky situations happen to me all the time!

As the light and the beeps became more apparent and more frequent….my fist would clinch a little tighter.  I began feeling my anger raise a bit and I found my hand about ready to do something not so nice to Midnight Cruiser…I almost hit my dashboard.  I was already talking to it like I was going to make it pay for being bad.  I looked like one of those crazed drivers with their blue tooth pieces in carrying on about this, that, or the other thing flailing arms and all!  That’s when I realized I had a problem.  So it was “DAD HELP!!!” mode for this CatMan.

Dad and I had the manual out, hood up and our thinking caps on…we found what we thought was the break fluid compartment.  So we unscrewed the cap, poured the break fluid in and I was on my way.  Well I thought that it was weird as it didn’t make the problem go away!  What the heck!?  I continued to drive it with every intention of getting it in to the shop come Monday morning.  I followed through with it.

Damage?  You ready for this??  Wait for it……(phone conversation)

Mechanic:”You need new brake pads, rotors, and there is a leak in the caliber in the back…also, we noticed that your power steering fluid was over flowing!  So, I would suggest a flush…you wouldn’t have by chance filled the break fluid in the compartment would you have??”

Me:  “did it have a green top on it?”

Mechanic: “yes…and the break fluid compartment is confusing to get to as you have to use a funnel to fill it.  You didn’t use a funnel did you?”

Me: “Green top?  Uh yeah maybe….and definitely didn’t use a funnel….what’s the damage?”

Mechanic: “$$$$”

Me: “it’s only money….sigh…proceed”

As soon as I hung up the phone, I seriously laughed until I cried!  I know, I know it sounds like an oxymoron….but I DID!  I couldn’t believe what happened. I mean I could, but seriously just couldn’t stop laughing.  When I told my dad what had happened, his response was so priceless.  “OH sorry!  My bad!”  It wasn’t his fault because his guess was as good as mine was.  I was not even mad about this and in the end everything turned out fine.

As time rolls on, I have chilled out about a lot of things.  I would like to say that thing is this phenomenon called PERSPECTIVE.  That is one principle that I have always had trouble with even when I was little.  I love art, but once again perspective challenges me again!Image

Above you will find the straight up definition for perspective.  Perspective is something I need to continue to work on and perfect.  I have always been able to find humor even though perspective in a sense has been skewed.  Humor is my chosen form of therapy I am afraid.

To be moved to tears of laughter, that is a powerful and wonderful moment!  Be grateful to have a moment such as that.  I love to laugh.  I love to get a good ab work out too (which when you truly laugh it kills two birds with one stone!).  🙂

When life throws you a curve ball, just roll with it.  Keep things in perspective and remember to laugh until you cry!  Life happens 🙂  AND thank goodness for me going to school for Cosmetology not Mechanics……hehe.

Life is so funny, don’t ya think?


Ignorance is not bliss…


“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”
St. Francis of Assisi

On a side note, today started with laughter and it continues to do so.  A friend of mine’s texts just made me crack up!  Life is so very funny and it makes me glad knowing other people that have “incidentals” that they can share that don’t make my incidentals feel like I am the only one that accidentally wears a black undergarment under a white shirt either.  🙂  Super Woman just is the best.  That all being said, this is just my thoughts this morning.

It amazes me the amount of sheer ignorance people have.  Life for me has been so busy, hence why you haven’t heard from me in a while.  I started school in August and I am going proudly for Cosmetology.  I am excited at this change.  I personally figured out how to pay for my schooling.  I figured that out and made it work.  I do not expect anyone to help me pay this money back.  I do not expect or think that I am entitled to have anything.  I have been blessed to be given what I have and for that I make the most of it.  Some people simply don’t get it.  People become victims of their own excuses because they are lazy and don’t want to work for it.  Lazy never gets anyone anywhere.

Managing one’s resources is key to our very survival.  Managing our views and perceptions as well becomes a large part of this equation as well.  It seems there is a large amount of mismanagement and fear driven actions going on in this world today.  Also, it might be a lack of awareness and rising above the negative to really get results.  I, first of all, want to say that is hardly the way we should be living as we will be constant slaves to our current state, if that is truly the case.  Learning the basics of what our strengths, weaknesses, perception of self, what we NEED to survive…etc…we need to be able to personally identify these items within ourselves so we can make the most of our resources given.  It would be a complete shame for us to look and say “I have nothing to offer” as even the smallest most amount of anything.  Kindness is one thing anyone can offer and it doesn’t cost a thing!  But, I must remind you though, kindness is sometimes very hard when we are looking at someone we do not like.  If it is truly a gift then we should give it freely despite who it is toward.

I am learning that ignorance is one of the leading diseases to living is fear and death in our world.  Side affects include: apathy, negativity, anger, lack of understanding, sarcasm, laziness, unhappiness….etc.  If you think you are living in this state, you are wrong!  You are a mere zombie.  If you are truly living, what are you afraid of?  If you have all your ducks in a row, you do everything as you ought to and you pray daily…God never says it will be easy, but you will always be taken care of.  These security blankets of “stuff” you possess cannot be taken with you so why should we worry about what happens to a book, a hat, a new shirt…because of pride, that is why.  We take great pride in ourselves to which if in check is a very good thing.  We cannot let pride be the main objective; however or else it will become like fear and consume us wholly.  In the end, these negative feelings hinder our ability to see what we can posses and give others.

Today, I will personally stop making excuses and raise my level of personal awareness and show compassion and kindness toward those who aren’t there yet.  I can give that much.  I can do so generously without money either.  Isn’t that the greatest gift that keeps on giving anyways?

Give what you have and all will come back to you.  Let us not be victims of our own circumstance.  Let’s treat the disease and move forward.  Let us release the negativity and offer it up. I always find the more I give the struggles up, the more it is thrown back as positives.  At the end of the day, the positives are what propel you, drive you, and make a difference.  Keep your head and chin up.  Stay on your knees and let’s work through the ignorance together.  By raising our awareness, we will increase in wisdom and give more charity in return.


Affirmation and Mantra for today:  “Let me raise my personal awareness.  Let me not be a victim of circumstance and negativity.  Let me give gifts of compassion and kindness to all I encounter.  Let me walk fearless knowing God is with me always.”

❤ The CatMan

Must be a full moon or two….


Beginning with last weekend which was wonderful as it was one with a very nice holiday included: Labor Day!  To start things off, we had planned to get together with my Aunt Snip Pig’s family as her children were back from college and she thought that would be nice.  It was really nice when she said we could have it at her house.  Pool, (fingers crossed!) nice weather, and lots of activities outdoors.  She called a day before and said she was calling “rain out” for tomorrow and suggested bowling instead!  OK….can I first preface that I have not been bowling in years!  I was feeling good about this decision and thought, “yes this ball will be my key to strikes…”  Boy was I wrong!  I was using an 8 lb. ball (which after fact, I deemed way too light) and began lining up for a roll down the lane.  I was concentrated.  Eye on the pins.  Right step.  Left step. Right step again.  Left step to the knees.  Released ball aim for gutter.  From knees to belly.  From belly to boobs and arms crossing over the foul line.  It all happened so quickly I still was trying to figure out what the heck happened!  I started laughing.  Really?  I mean, really??  Big grin and a bow later I was back in the zone.  I suppose that is what cracked old bowling shoes will do for you.  I cannot understand why anyone would want to take them!  Blek!  This story ends well, however as I went on to achieve my highest game ever at a 161!  GO ME!

This week for being short has been incredibly productive.  I love refreshing, cleaning up, and figuring out how to be more innovative.  I love the sense of accomplishment there.  I started school 4 weeks ago.  For those of you who don’t know, I am going back for Cosmetology!  This is something that I have always wanted to do.  I love making people feel good about themselves as well as learning a new tool or trade.  I love learning how to curl, finger wave, and such.  This move makes for some long days but in the end it will be so worth it.  I am happy and blessed with this decision.  🙂


Because of the schedule, I have been lacking time spent with my roommate Gram and Dog-Dog.  Upon getting home, Gram was still awake.  I asked, “If I open this bottle of wine, would you want a glass?” (stupid question) My lovely and dear 80-year-old beauty of a Gram just simply shakes her head yes. So we shared company over a good glass of Oliver’s Winery Soft Red Wine.  It is so very good for anyone of you all that have not heard of it.  We sat and laughed over this weeks crazy events.  It just seemed like things were off, emotions were high, stress level even higher, and between weird things happening at the house as well as with work, we were very thankful that this week was almost complete!

She was trying to decide whether she wanted a bagel or not.  This would require de-thawing.  I asked her if she wanted me to get the toaster down and she said no as she was going to simply microwave it.  Well I just observed.  She without thinking twice, microwaved it.  Then proceeded to toast it.  She turns around and shakes her head.  At this point we were laughing so hard at the very fact she accidentally toasted her bagel.  I guess you had to be there but her comment was just simply priceless!  “Oh my mind…”  For those of you who don’t know my Gram, this is a catch-all for everything.  She had a stroke 20 years ago and ever since then, it has always been, “well you know how my mind is!”  Oh I treasure these moments so dearly!
Songs of the week:   AND  Both belong to the band Fun.  The first one is just a good one to listen to because of the beat.  To me, it is conducive to work as it is a drum, repetitive, and yeah I like it.  The second item fits for this week.  It fits from the stand point that yes, this week royally stunk.  It was terrible.  It had major ups and major downs.  It was all over the place and even though the optimist in me says, “You had a great week!  You are standing 6 feet over the ground, have a solid family and set of friends supporting you, and you are doing well at school!” I keep my head up and keep pressing on….Keep on going little engine….

Just remember, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” – African Proverb
and red wine makes everything better (and humorous!)
❤ CatMan



Today was a great day! I got to be driven around like I was someone important and learn about my family history. We traced my father’s aide pretty far and right during the revolutionary war! I might be a Daughter of the Revolution! My family has been here longer than I thought. Heck! We might of come over on the Mayflower for all we know (oh man if so then I think I would laugh at the randomness of this discovery!) I also blocked a migraine without the assistance of caffeine right away and the sun was out!

I had a lot of discoveries today besides the afore mentioned… I am actually considering Cosmetology School in addition to all the other crazy things that I am doing! I think I can swing it and it’s only for a year or so and I would have to cut back on extra activities but by doing this, it will be something new and exciting. I think it would be something I might really love doing. My mom was really optimistic about it as well… That’s always a good sign! Now here’s to figuring out the logistics…

<;3 CatMan

(pic of one of my relatives tombstones! How freaky is it that she died April 8, 1852 and we found it April 7, 2012???)