Low Self-Esteem can kiss me REAR!



Have you ever dealt with self-esteem issues?  Have you ever seen a friend struggling with them?  It is an awful plague of self against self!  It is where we are crippled and cannot see what other’s see.  Perception of ourselves is maybe not consistent with how others view us.  Above I posted a link to a very positive campaign.  I too wanted to point out that this is not and shouldn’t be directed at just women….men too have issues with this.

I got into a discussion this morning with a former classmate of mine regarding this campaign.  He was annoyed at the fact that Dove was pushing this beauty is “superficial” and inadvertently selling Dove’s products to uninformed consumers.  I think what he is really getting at is that people are ignorant to the fact that beauty is found on the inside of our bodies not our products.  Products are meant to enhance our self image.  Take it from someone who is going into the beauty industry, you have to help people feel good from all facades!

Part of my mission going into Cosmetology is not to push unrealistic image changes but to help all of my clients see their self-worth.  Yes, make them look better than what they came in looking like, and help them to understand that their perception of self is an important and not just surface deep.  Yet if we are not fully confident or satisfied in ourselves, how on earth will we succeed?

We must first look and recognize what goodness and gifts we possess.  We have to start somewhere.  A lot of people cannot deal directly with their inside first.  We have to start first with outward appearance as majority of our issues come from how other’s view us.  We are so cruel to ourselves. How we view ourselves is one of the main veins of why our self-esteem is the way it is as well as how much we acknowledge our God-given gifts and talents.  If we don’t know and appreciate what gifts we possess how can we use them to help boost the self-esteem?  Oh wait a tick……..how if we don’t love and appreciate yourself then how can you love and appreciate anyone else??

I have a friends who have made me do little self-esteem activities to which got me where I am today.  I would go through post-it-notes and post around my house all the positive qualities that I possessed.  I started first with appearance.  That is all I could see as I was really in bad shape.  Then started turning my focus to what was good on my inside.  They got me to see exactly what they see. It was a long road to seeing how badly I had been beating myself up.  It was really bad but once my friends helped shed some light, I came around to appreciate myself for who God made me.  I am forever grateful for them.

Today, I am dedicating my positive flow to self-esteem awareness and helping others see just how wonderful they are.  Look for the good in others, you never know what an impact you have!!!

Hugs and Kisses (and do yourself a favor and give yourself a big hug for me!)
❤ CatMan