Survival and Friction


A little friction can cause a fire.  I like this clip.  Bet you never realized an orange was so flammable!  I didn’t.  It makes sense why I get such heartburn after eating them. 🙂  Well in the same way with our relationships, we too can cause friction and set fires.  These fires can tear us down, beat us up and damage us beyond repair if we do not extinguish them.  Awareness is a necessity of survival.  If we do not recognize the friction between others and own up responsibility for it then how are we ever supposed to prevent a fire from occurring?  We can’t and that is fact.  So the trick here to survival is to be aware.

On a contrasting note, much like farmers slash-and-burn the land sometimes we need to do this with certain relationships in order for a richer more nutrient filled soil can exist.  Cultivation of GOOD and HEALTHY soil for new and wonderful seeds to be planted.  Do you have a trick to survival?  Do you have to have the friction to make it happen sometimes?

Ponder that life question.  HA.  So what fires have started or are you putting out currently??  🙂