5 Pairs: The Title “Shoe Whore”


So I have had a lot on my mind lately.  When I got ready for work, there was snow on the ground.  I decided to pack my gym shoes and then wear my boots.  By the time I got to work I switched into my gym shoes and noticed that they were stuck on something….another pair of shoes!  Yep.  Another pair of shoes….here is where it gets really funny.

A month or so ago, I bought some shoes.  2/3 pairs didn’t fit.  So I wanted to send them back to get a refund.  So, I decided to bring both boxes with their proper shoes in them to work.  At this point, I was sitting with 5 pairs of shoes.  You know just in case I was like indecisive or something…I laughed really hard about that one.

Mark my word, I am only leaving with 3 pairs of shoes.  For a while there I though, “Man, I really look like a shoe whore or shoe thief!”  The thief part was ruled out because there is no one except for children that wear my size of shoe.  Since work has no children present…they just couldn’t be someone else’s here.  So that left me with only one other title that makes perfect sense and that is Shoe Whore.  Yes….while this title might seem a little harsh, there is some truth behind this title.  Who ELSE has 3 Tupperware’s full of shoes? (this girl!–pointing above my head–guilty as charged!) Who else has too many shoes that she has a 2nd shoe section in her room? (this girl!–pointing above my head–again…guilty as charged!)  AND WHO has shoes in different colors, heels, sizes etc.  IT’S ME!  Shoe Whore seems to fit.

BUT I can explain!  I have a small foot!  I have to buy them when I find them or else I am doomed.  I have to buy them when they are on sale or else I would owe them my right arm, left foot, and first-born child.  I HAVE TO….I have to be picky, but yes I do have a lot of shoes.  I suppose I should just accept the title of Shoe Whore with gratitude.

But, does the title Shoe Whore come with a crown?  A wand? or any other special storage units for additional foot wear?  No.  It just gets you a lot of harassment.  Don’t worry!  I can handle it!

CatMan, The Shoe Whore


Everything is sound



Hair highlighted.  Check!

Smile applied.  Check!

Red lipstick.  Double Check!

Realizing self worth as priceless…CHECK!

Sometimes it takes a night out with the girls to realize it’s OK to be where you are at and that you should enjoy each and every moment.  I think that it was a great weekend.  I will be exhausted, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner!   So what am I thankful for?  I have an extreme appreciation and gratitude toward a lot right now.  I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to choose to be happy.  I am happy for the ability to be apart of my circle of family and friends to which help build me up rather than tearing me down.  I am thankful for laughter.  Babies.  Dating sites.  Customers.  Catch phrases…and so on beyond that tiny list.  I am grateful for food on my plate, a roof over my head, warmth at night, and like minded optimistic surroundings.  So, what is it that you have to be thankful for?

What is the sound of gratitude?

❤ CatMan


A Tribute to Whitney: what I have learned…


One can only be reckless for so long before our body has enough.  Do something for your OWN well being and appreciate the gift you are today.  I know that this reckless and unnecessary behavior has lead to so many premature deaths in my own world or in that of the “Celebrity” universe as well.  

A situation came up this weekend where someone criticized a “remembrance of life” of the one and only Whitney Houston.  By criticizing someone over mourning the life of someone that they never personally met and who was seemingly being praised and remembered for her train wreck personal life is just wrong.  We are mourning a life taken too soon and a talent still with such potential if only she made different decisions.  Despite her personal decisions, there is no denying the amount of impact this one little soul had not only on developing a Gospel-fed genre of music integrated into mainstream music to which inspired many, but personally touched so many women and men everywhere.  I personally felt that her music was genuine and her vocals were a God-given talent.  I cannot tell you how many times I sing her songs in the shower, in the car, singing Karaoke, or otherwise having a bad day.  She not only inspired other artists to expand their vocals and outreach, but inspired me to let the lungs wail once in a while in a healthy and positive manner.  EVERYONE needs that.


This is how I will always remember Ms. Houston...

Sometimes simply singing one of her songs in the privacy of my humble abode just simply makes my day a little better.  Brighter.  Her amount of emotion, my amount of matching emotion usually was enough to just allow me to breathe clearer as the song would end.  It clears my mind, heart, and allows me to actually think clearer.  One may never fully appreciate or know the extent to which a song or a person have affected us as a human being usually until it is too late. 

And you know, I felt sorry for her home life.  We can’t ever judge that.  All I can say is that we have our own choice to love and I believe that she truly tried to love despite all that was happening.  This beautiful soul failed in one regard in my opinion…that was in loving herself.  The body cannot handle what she became toward the end of her life….and not to mention after she met Bobby Brown.  That is the true tragedy.  

If there is one thing I have learned thru Whitney Houston’s death, it’s that life is so fragile and we need to thank God everyday for the breath to live just one more day.  Life is never guaranteed.  It is so important, now more than ever, to learn to turn to the light and take positive steps forward.  We must always be working on ourselves and loving ourselves selflessly.  This then starts to translate and permeate other relationships we might have in our lives.  Love God first, love self second and allow God to work thru us in a positive manner.

If you take anything from this post, anything at all, just remember to say ‘I love you’ to the people that mean something to you.  Give hugs and keep in touch.  Appreciate who is given to you and their worth to you as you never know when they might be called away.  No regrets, right?

❤ The CatMan