The Updo, grown-up diapers, and stay tuned!


I would like to invite you all to read my guest blog on my girl Erica’s site.  For anyone who is indecisive, needing assistance picking or choosing a style, and still expects to look good!  Check it out!

I will have a more inspiring post coming up!  Stay tuned for the usual inspiration infused with a bit of humor.  I know my posts have been quite reflective….but I assure you this will be a doozie!  Patience I tell you…you will just wet yourself with laughter.  Wearing grown-up diapers might be recommended. 😉

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Life is so funny….Tears of Laughter Proceed!


Oh life can be so funny sometimes.  First of all I want to say, just when I think things are figured out–here comes a curve ball!  At this point, I should just expect it.

Car problems.

Late last week, I had a warning light come on ever so often when I was out driving.  BRAKE in red would flash three times accompanied by three obnoxious beeps.  BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!  Then, it would stop.  I thought it might have been the break fluid that needed changed or adjusted so I just wrote it off.  On Sunday, my dad and I played mechanics and lifted up good ol’ Midnight Cruiser’s hood.

For those of you who don’t know, I drive a VW Beetle.  Year 2000.  The mechanic’s that work on my car have only now started to believe me that it might just so happened to be possessed.  For an instance, my radio stopped working.  I drove for 6 months no radio and for entertainment purposes I would practice my Karaoke.  My brother bought me another radio, had it installed and it decided to work for a good while.  Well I took my car in for some work a few months.  When I picked it up, my mechanic informed me that the radio decided to stop working and that he saw there was a radio in the trunk so he swapped it out.  Guess what?  It started working fine!  The radio that was in my trunk…..that was the original radio.  So random warning lights turning on for a few seconds one day truly doesn’t phase me as crazy quirky situations happen to me all the time!

As the light and the beeps became more apparent and more frequent….my fist would clinch a little tighter.  I began feeling my anger raise a bit and I found my hand about ready to do something not so nice to Midnight Cruiser…I almost hit my dashboard.  I was already talking to it like I was going to make it pay for being bad.  I looked like one of those crazed drivers with their blue tooth pieces in carrying on about this, that, or the other thing flailing arms and all!  That’s when I realized I had a problem.  So it was “DAD HELP!!!” mode for this CatMan.

Dad and I had the manual out, hood up and our thinking caps on…we found what we thought was the break fluid compartment.  So we unscrewed the cap, poured the break fluid in and I was on my way.  Well I thought that it was weird as it didn’t make the problem go away!  What the heck!?  I continued to drive it with every intention of getting it in to the shop come Monday morning.  I followed through with it.

Damage?  You ready for this??  Wait for it……(phone conversation)

Mechanic:”You need new brake pads, rotors, and there is a leak in the caliber in the back…also, we noticed that your power steering fluid was over flowing!  So, I would suggest a flush…you wouldn’t have by chance filled the break fluid in the compartment would you have??”

Me:  “did it have a green top on it?”

Mechanic: “yes…and the break fluid compartment is confusing to get to as you have to use a funnel to fill it.  You didn’t use a funnel did you?”

Me: “Green top?  Uh yeah maybe….and definitely didn’t use a funnel….what’s the damage?”

Mechanic: “$$$$”

Me: “it’s only money….sigh…proceed”

As soon as I hung up the phone, I seriously laughed until I cried!  I know, I know it sounds like an oxymoron….but I DID!  I couldn’t believe what happened. I mean I could, but seriously just couldn’t stop laughing.  When I told my dad what had happened, his response was so priceless.  “OH sorry!  My bad!”  It wasn’t his fault because his guess was as good as mine was.  I was not even mad about this and in the end everything turned out fine.

As time rolls on, I have chilled out about a lot of things.  I would like to say that thing is this phenomenon called PERSPECTIVE.  That is one principle that I have always had trouble with even when I was little.  I love art, but once again perspective challenges me again!Image

Above you will find the straight up definition for perspective.  Perspective is something I need to continue to work on and perfect.  I have always been able to find humor even though perspective in a sense has been skewed.  Humor is my chosen form of therapy I am afraid.

To be moved to tears of laughter, that is a powerful and wonderful moment!  Be grateful to have a moment such as that.  I love to laugh.  I love to get a good ab work out too (which when you truly laugh it kills two birds with one stone!).  🙂

When life throws you a curve ball, just roll with it.  Keep things in perspective and remember to laugh until you cry!  Life happens 🙂  AND thank goodness for me going to school for Cosmetology not Mechanics……hehe.

Life is so funny, don’t ya think?

31: Homer Simpson….and for your consideration…Anne Hathaway?


Day 31:  ‎”Sometime, when you least expect it, you’ll realize that someone loved you. And that means that someone can love you again! And that’ll make you smile.” – Homer Simpson

For those of you who saw the movie Les Miserables with Anne Hathaway…this is simply for your consideration.  I died laughing as I could just see Anne herself completing something similar as the parody that I have provided.  See what you think!

Humor for the day….


Here is your humor for the day….a coworker was having lunch with his “girl that is only a friend” and he walked her out to the car. Well it was right out front of the office so my receptionist looked out bc she saw a shadow and was questioning what it was. Well it was a co-worker’s hair as she saw him playing tonsil hockey with this supposed “girl that is only a friend”!

So about 3 minutes into it, there was quite a gathering for the show! My dad walks up and goes what are you all looking at? He saw then he walked out the front door. We just were dying as we knew what he was going to do…then we see my dad get out of the car…walk up to HER car and knock on the window! “Everybody needs a hug!” She got up and hugged him then they drove around to the back of work! Embarrassed as all you know what! On the production board, to make matters worse, someone wrote ‘Good Job (insert name of co-worker here)!!! Way to go!!!!’

Next “ha ha” of the day, walking out of the mall a man stopped me and made a comment…”MAN you make me feel like Shaq today!!!”  I just smiled and said have a great day!

Where’s my stepping stool?

The CatMan

Where The Gardener and Pool Boy Meet…


I have a great inside joke with Super Woman!  First of all, I must tell you I can come up with a witty innuendo for anything.  This one just came to me one day as she was discussing inviting a younger male friend to hang poolside with her last summer.  While she was waiting for his arrival, we had a few short minutes to text.

There is a good….let’s say…..10 years difference between the two of them.  I simply told her that it was very “Desperate Housewives” of her to be hanging with him on the sly.  That’s where I mentioned, “I am now changing your friend’s name to the ‘Gardener'” All she could do was laugh and all I could do was just so honestly come up with humorous responses.  I could have just imagined her face turning bright red….trying to hold back completely laughing out loud…and covering up what the REAL reason for laughing was…”Are your flower’s blooming?  Are they in need of a prune?”  I had myself laughing about it too.  Don’t you love to get people to laugh full bellied??  So as this joke now continued…

Super Woman can kick anyones buttocks at 2 things: running any sort of distance and working out.  She is the queen of Boot Camp.  We always laugh about the “cute men” at the gym who make it easy to work out in the same facility.  It makes it bearable in any circumstance for a single female to see a cute guy in front of her on a neighboring treadmill…(thinking to yourself, “that is the prize!  go get him!  If you run harder, you will get to him faster!”)  It is about that time then either one of 3 things happens: 1) you drop your iPod,  2) trip and fly off the treadmill (this is usually what happens to me), OR 3) fake an asthma attack because you are done running hard.  OK or the 4th situation, where you get a bloody wedgie while running.  That is really comfortable and sexy!!  NOT. (Please read manual on “How NOT to pick up Men at the Gym”, page 309, paragraph 2)

One cute guy at her gym, for name’s sake, we just call him the Pool Boy.  The cabana boy that just makes it a little sweeter sweating a little more.  He is an instructor and friend of Super Woman.  If you would see him, you would totally understand!  Needless to say, neither one of these individuals could be considered a love interest; however each of them provide hours of giggling, beginning of inside jokes, as well as have our undivided attention.  While both the Gardener and Pool Boy are very ‘serious’ individuals, we are not.  We can’t be.  Super Woman and I could probably entertain each other with our goof ball comments and support for hours upon hours!  I am so grateful to have a friend like that.

I think humor sometimes is the best way to lighten the mood up down and around life’s woes.  It is a natural coping mechanism to which can allow one to laugh the misery off and find something to be grateful for when they are feeling down.  The Gardner and the Pool Boy are just a teeny-weeny thing we did to create some humor in our lives aside from the very realization that being a single woman now in this transitional part of our life kind of sucks.  I am glad to be going thru it though.  Maybe I will never be tamed! I am me and I have accepted/laughed at it.  I am comfortable and OK with that.  🙂

One thing we have decided, this must be a world-wide epidemic too, that finding real men our age willing to step up to the plate ready to take a try are few and far between!  It is not just city-wide or the place where you are at right now.  It is everywhere!  It is a true epidemic.  Sure the Gardener and the Pool Boy are nice, but it would be nice to have a “Stand By Me” man who was willing to go thru the ups-and-downs of life with you too.  I would at least like to have a “melt moment” once in a while…is that too much to ask??

❤ The CatMan


Gotta keep your head up!


Today, for the first time in many years, I have horrible big bags under my eyes.  I have had a doozie of a morning and it is going to be crazy from here on out.  I am going out-of-town tomorrow for 2 weeks.  That means packing, work items, orders have to be placed, etc.  I just have been trying to get things done.

Since April, I have been under the assumption that I was flying out Friday evening.  I realized on Monday that it was AM not PM!  I had to rearrange everything.  You know what they say about making plans, don’t you??? Change is inevitable and they are even better than the original!  So because I was up late packing, dealing with work issues, and hanging out…I have bags under my eyes.

2 Weddings and an X-games….WHOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!  Starting point: Spokane Washington.  2nd stop: Los Angelus.  3rd stop: NY.   I am trying to fit everything in one bag.  So far it has been a success. (knock on wood)  I have just a few more items to go to which I will deal with this evening yet.  I have decided not to actually pack a hanging bag as I will be carrying my computer with me.  The humor in all of this is I am cool, calm and collected.  Is it good to say I am getting this much-needed vacation that I have deserved for so long?  Yes, I think it is good.

I am learning a lot about myself thru this time in my life.  For an instance, being organized makes life a little easier.  It DOES pay off.  I was really smart about doing laundry right before I had to pack so I just laid everything in their piles and proceeded from there!  (one of many short cuts)  I am also learning that patience and trust do actually make things easier to deal with instead of being an emotional hot head.  My thinking and thought process is way different than most people, especially the one’s I work with.   For whatever reason, I am usually the only one that stands up against people arguing and pointing out the lack of productivity and negative energy being spit back at one another will not produce any different responses.  Why don’t we take action and do something about it rather than chew each others heads off and point fingers!  Just a thought, of course.

Another really stunning conclusion that I have realized is by setting a positive balanced example for people, it too really can produce fruitful results.  When you are balanced, happy, and positive most the time…people see that innately in you and they desire to be like that.  The problem is that most humans just see what is on the surface instead of digging deeper into a person’s composition and finding out WHY they act the way they do.  The WHY question actually takes an amount of expelled energy from the party asking it and because we are lazy and don’t care that much about each other we continue to judge from a person’s outward presentation.  This is so wrong.  Think about it this way.  What if you could see a person’s potential….and see what fears were holding them back.  What if you could open their heart and eyes to that and become closer friends or acquaintances?  Think if we all just invested asking “WHY” to just one person!  How much better would you feel over all-knowing that someone is actually caring to take the time to get to know you a little better.  Personally, I would feel pretty great!

Lastly, by looking to positive verses the negative, one can allow that positive energy to change and transform them inside out.  “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” (Plutarch).  Inwardly looking to the positive (step into the light!), inwardly seeking a great balance, and making sure myself is in check.  That’s how I am going to live my life, take action with me and move out.   Then, maybe I can gather new perspective on situations and to be able to change other people’s outlooks in life.  You can positively take ownership this way.  Negative weighs you down too much!

Go with the flow, life it too short to worry.  Make your plans but, be flexible and open to change.  It works out the best and keep your head up!