Attitude of Gratitude


I have a total an complete attitude of gratitude today. I have spent time with my sister and today we are getting our nails done. When we got here, old friends too were here and how precious they are. I truly am blessed for these little moments. 🙂 that is all!

Happy Saturday!

Keep on going…


Today blog friends, I wish to share with you something that is so important.  A theme of mine currently is “keep on going”.  One of which, take it or leave it, can be a really great encouragement or if allowed to be a huge “in your face” fail….I choose to see it as my little cheerleaders on the race side of the finish line through this transitional whatever I am in currently.  It is one more chance to be joyful in gaining endurance.  I need to have patience and take this opportunity on with faith and trust that I will excel despite the factors working against me.


This theme has infiltrated my work as well as personal relationships.  Perseverance and prayerful discernment are key to accomplishing what goals we may have, in addition to starting new chapters! We might as well embrace the new endeavors and challenges with excitement and seize the day for everything it is!  This fresh empowering attitude has been a huge help with me growing as an individual and finding my place in my own little world.  No play on my size at all…ha.

One new thing I have learned is I have many gifts that can be of benefit to others.  This was seen today at lunch when a woman who was exactly my size just got the biggest kick out of me!  I think she was just so overjoyed to find someone that was in her same shoes that it was enough to make her day.  Something just so simple!  I would love to be able to do that everyday for someone!  Oh wait…I can!  It is my contribution to recognize what gifts I have to give to others as well offer to humanity.  I have a way of making people feel good about themselves.  I don’t say this in a cocky-pat yourself on the back sort of way, just in that I recognize that I have a lot to offer others just by being myself.  I recognize the worth of a smile; the worth of a gentle touch….a hug!  The worth of being understanding of others as well as giving them compassion toward their fights and struggles.  I also see the greatness in the little things.  That in it’s own is a huge gift!

What gifts do you have to offer?  If you say you have none, then I ask you to “keep on going” as that is the only way your going to find out!  Find out just what you are made of…that is what life is all about really.  Do not think “I have lost all hope” in the down times, just say what ELSE do I have to offer? 

Let us stop beating ourselves and others up and keep on going!  Believe in yourself and figure it out!  Keep on taking the downtimes as opportunity to be the best person we can be not only for ourselves but for the sake of everyone that needs us in their lives.  Let us choose to be bright little souls that give nothing but love and grace to others.  If your just not there yet…Keep on going!  You will get there… steps.  



Shattered “Joy”


So today I realized that it has been a while since I have written.  Mind you a lot has happened between now and the last time I was on…and just to add to the chaos…I realized that the next day I have free is Wed!  CRAZY.

Well, I was making beautiful ornaments for my friend’s christmas gifts and I used Peebo on them.  Peebo is a special paint used to paint on glass, then you bake it and it seals it from chipping!  Really some cool little stuff.

I was talking to one of my girlfriend’s on the phone as I was trying to place these little bulbs in the oven when out of no where one of them dropped…dead little indian!  My favorite of favorite ones shattered as I was getting ready to put it in the oven!  It was JOY!  Joy bounced on the linoleum, then bounced one more than crashed.  FAIL.  I kind of laughed at the irony.  But, never to completely lose hope I pressed on…

Next semi-humorous thing that happened to the “less than joyful CatMan”, I was sitting on my couch watching T.V.  I was in a Sangria mood.  Oh how tasty it was!  Well…I was texting and drinking (not smart if you can’t walk and talk and chew gum at the same time!) so I set my drink down on the corner of the chair’s arm and proceeded to dump it all on top of me!  Seriously?  ALL OVER MY CELL PHONE!  Upon cussing up a storm, I took a deep breath and realized my phone just was jealous that I was drinking it all!  I took the phone and dabbed it off, took a shower, then sat back down and finished my show.


maybe I should invest?



As if things couldn’t get any better?  Just wait…it does!

Now.  I feel this whole little period for me is a test.  Just then I get a text message from and old friend “just wanting to say hi!”.   Grrrr….so being the nice cordial person I am…I said hello back.  We exchanged words then I politely told him to buzz off…I was very proud of myself!  Joy at this very moment was restored.  It was like the clouds parted and God spoke to me “GREAT JOB, CatMan!” A big smile was brought to my face.

Last night was the last test that I was given.  My sister and I were creating Rosaries for Christmas gifts.  For those of you who don’t know what a Rosary is…it is a meditation tool and devotional to Our Lady.  It is a very powerful prayer.  So we bought this set.  Neither one of us has made jewelry mind you…and we were really struggling there in the beginning.  I then suggested having a drink!  We drank hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps and proceeded to dig in to the project.  Once we figured it out, it wasn’t so bad…however when it was all said and done: 2 glasses of hot cocoa drink, 2 decade’s in, one spill, one minor gash on the finger, and one movie down …we finally just laughed at our frustration!  It actually was quite comical at how pathetic we looked.  We did enjoy each other’s company though.  🙂

All in all, even despite the shattering of joy, we can still find humor in our dismay.  If you can’t find laughter then what good is it anyway??

The CatMan