Indian Outlaw…


So the question of the night (now mind you I was driving when I made this stunning observation) but, listen to the song posted above this comment.  What is wrong with this picture?  OK, Tim McGraw…you are a country cowboy who “fought” the Indians back in the day….I hardly think you are an Indian Outlaw.  It just made me laugh.  Country songs can sometimes be silly.  I dare you to listen to any lyrics of any song and actually listen to what it is saying.  You might ask the following questions (to yourself that is):  ‘wow, does this make sense?’, ‘…is this english?’, ‘what the heck is a shorty?’, ‘why blame it on the a-ach-ach-cohol?’, or ‘hmm…I wonder if heaven is really a place on earth, you think?’  Whatever song, I am sure you will realize why society is the way it is upon realizing how dumb most songs really are.

Wednesday night,  I was able to go on a nice long walk with Special K.  It has been so long since I could hang with my dear sweet friend!  She is so near and dear to my heart.  We spent the whole first mile catching up and the second lap about me giving her advice on a situation.  She was such a trooper.  She is so much like how I was, so innocent, naive, and just over all very adamant on an approach with a situation regarding a certain mutual friend.  It was kind of funny because we were fake kicking each other and we were swatting at each other’s arms as though we were getting snooty.  (This is one of the reason’s why I love being with Special K)  Her and I carry so much energy and sometimes we just need to release it by being loud and obnoxious.  I get that, so that is just what we did.  She has such a mental challenge ahead of her.  After our walk we went and got coffee and just talked.  We have the kind of relationship to which we can share whatever is on our mind without thinking twice and we are all loving and all forgiving of one another’s faults.  I love her just the way she is.  🙂

Nomad and I are currently simultaneously functioning doing our own thing while being under the same roof.  Yep, I am visiting him and my friends in Indy.  It is a great thing.  We have spent the whole day together just being dorks.  When I got home from an evening Confession, which if you don’t know what I am talking about….they best description is when you spill your guts to someone because you have to just get it out of your mind and off your chest.  You say your sorry and then you feel 10,000,000% better!  Then I finished my prayerful meditation and came home.  Nomad decided he wanted to go fishing.  I started working on some things for work and getting prepped for this trade conference I am attending.  It has been a spiritual day, a wonder-filled day, a beautiful day.  We had perfect weather.  God is so good.

When you least expect it, a rainbow is shown lifting you up from your winter funk.  Someone says something to you that comes so unexpectedly, catches you off guard, and totally makes your day.  Sometimes someone just needs to shout at the top of their lungs just how good they have it before they believe that life is truly good.  It took Special K calling me today telling me of how she was on cloud 9 because she was able to help impact someone’s life.  She was truly joyful and for that very reason, I too was even more joyful.

What can you do to make someone’s day today?  What are you thankful for?  SMILE for me my dear readers!  Life is hard but, not all bad!  Hang in there!!

The CatMan


WAY over due…here’s some Joy pass it on!


What do you do when life gets so crazy that you can’t even think straight?  What do you do when you have been swept down stream on a current never to be thrown off but just completely swept off your feet?  A LOT has been happening so let me catch you all up briefly…YOU LISTEN TO A SONG!!!

1. Nomad and I are progressing well…better than well but, I am giving him 3 dates before he is going to be able to meet my family.  I told him I feel crazy, and he told me I was just being me and anyone that had a problem with it I should say “piss off”.  I think you will enjoy this next pic…


Nomad and I...



2. Cheerleading is cheerleading and I am so ready to relinquish my “Spirit Stick” and move on to bigger and better things.  I love my girls but, the cheerleader is burned out.

3. Work has been CRAZY TRAIN busy.  I will send you a link to our new website when we are to that point…ALMOST THERE!

4. My brother is moving out (we don’t have an ETA, however I am OK with that!)

5. Spring is just around the corner and because the SUN has been showing it’s beautiful face my days have been 100,000,000% better!  I know that’s a lot but the sun makes me so joyful.




6.  Participated as “Abraham Lincoln” on our Special Olympics of Allen County Trivia Team for a local fundraiser.  I went as Abe without legs…it was very fitting!  There is something so sexy about a woman with a beard…..

7.  I have been so joyful for not having any sleep at night…I swear life is so good!

8. Katherine is one of my dearest girls and we sat laughing so freaking hard we were crying and hardly making sense.  I am pretty sure to the “average joe” thought that we were complete idiots!

ONE last moment to share:

Yesterday, I had a massive headache.  I had cheer practice (ugh!), then the night progressed…tentatively I was going to the Chapel for a few brief moments, on to Mass with the girls, then out for ice cream!  After cheer, I was feeling very discouraged.  I basically stated “I didn’t feel so joyful right now because of all the negative swallowing me”  Nomad was so sweet and tried to cheer me up with his kind words.  It made me feel good knowing he was there for me.  Well he told me that I had a joyful heart…I totally just said I didn’t feel that joy though…but glad he could see it.  When I got to the Chapel, I said a few prayers for my cheerleaders and myself.  I then hurried off to Mass so I wouldn’t be late.  I lit a votive candle for a “special intention” but had nowhere to give my donation so I just held on to it.  After Mass, I went and excused myself from the girls and gave my envelope to Fr. I don’t go to this Parish so I was just introducing myself to him.  Fr. James was this Priest’s name.  How wonderful he is.  Well when I gave him my envelope, he told me that I was so joyful!  He said spread that joy to everyone.  I almost cried.  That was exactly what I needed to hear at that very moment.  I felt revived.  I felt relieved and happy.  I felt like I could now go out into the world and let the real CatMan be shown!  My energy had just been restored!  🙂  Then I got to spend the most beautiful time with my girls laughing and carrying on like little school girls.  It was awesome.  When it was all said and done, Nomad and I talked to each other and my whole world was right on balance.  I was right where I needed to be.  Life is SO good!

Remember, when you are discouraged–God sends you little angels to keep you going!  All He asks for you in return is your faithfulness.  Heck, my life is so wonderful!  Here is my joy and I am passing it on!  TAG YOUR IT!!

THE CatMan