Keep on going…


Today blog friends, I wish to share with you something that is so important.  A theme of mine currently is “keep on going”.  One of which, take it or leave it, can be a really great encouragement or if allowed to be a huge “in your face” fail….I choose to see it as my little cheerleaders on the race side of the finish line through this transitional whatever I am in currently.  It is one more chance to be joyful in gaining endurance.  I need to have patience and take this opportunity on with faith and trust that I will excel despite the factors working against me.


This theme has infiltrated my work as well as personal relationships.  Perseverance and prayerful discernment are key to accomplishing what goals we may have, in addition to starting new chapters! We might as well embrace the new endeavors and challenges with excitement and seize the day for everything it is!  This fresh empowering attitude has been a huge help with me growing as an individual and finding my place in my own little world.  No play on my size at all…ha.

One new thing I have learned is I have many gifts that can be of benefit to others.  This was seen today at lunch when a woman who was exactly my size just got the biggest kick out of me!  I think she was just so overjoyed to find someone that was in her same shoes that it was enough to make her day.  Something just so simple!  I would love to be able to do that everyday for someone!  Oh wait…I can!  It is my contribution to recognize what gifts I have to give to others as well offer to humanity.  I have a way of making people feel good about themselves.  I don’t say this in a cocky-pat yourself on the back sort of way, just in that I recognize that I have a lot to offer others just by being myself.  I recognize the worth of a smile; the worth of a gentle touch….a hug!  The worth of being understanding of others as well as giving them compassion toward their fights and struggles.  I also see the greatness in the little things.  That in it’s own is a huge gift!

What gifts do you have to offer?  If you say you have none, then I ask you to “keep on going” as that is the only way your going to find out!  Find out just what you are made of…that is what life is all about really.  Do not think “I have lost all hope” in the down times, just say what ELSE do I have to offer? 

Let us stop beating ourselves and others up and keep on going!  Believe in yourself and figure it out!  Keep on taking the downtimes as opportunity to be the best person we can be not only for ourselves but for the sake of everyone that needs us in their lives.  Let us choose to be bright little souls that give nothing but love and grace to others.  If your just not there yet…Keep on going!  You will get there… steps.