Day(s) 47-49: Love Grows and Love Notes


I have seriously the best friends in the world.  Over the past few days of not “posting” I have accumulated several Love Notes/Visits from my dearly beloved.  I will share them below:

“Dearest Catherine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER!!! Sorry I can not be there for your birthday, but I hope you are having a great/fun filled day.  Sending lots of love your way!  🙂  Much love, KBJ”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite Sweetie.  Jim”

A friend showed up at the salon last Monday with a handful of chocolate for me for Valentine’s Day!  Not to mention, recommended a few people come and get their hair cut by me too!!  Totally sweet and awesome!

“I’M WIDE AWAKE! God allows special moments with good friends. Joe”

“Hey Catie, Have a great week! Rachel Fogarty  (Saw you in Adoration 🙂 )

“I miss you! Love, Claire (your bestest sis)”  (yes she really did write bestest….)

“Hope you know how much you mean to me…love you! :)”  (From my Sassy Sister!)

God Bless you, you are a special and sweet person.”  (Julia K my new friend as found sitting next to me on an airplane.)

I keep all my little love notes.  They are reminders when life is tough of all the people who support me and keep me strong.  They are the best group of men and women a girl could ask for!  I hope that I can be that friend for them in return whether that means helping someone through a rough break-up, giving them a congratulatory hug, or just simply making them laugh!  You know I am always up for a good laugh!

Sending out a few cards today.  As LOVE grows in my heart I cannot help but share the love….
The CatMan


Humor for the day….


Here is your humor for the day….a coworker was having lunch with his “girl that is only a friend” and he walked her out to the car. Well it was right out front of the office so my receptionist looked out bc she saw a shadow and was questioning what it was. Well it was a co-worker’s hair as she saw him playing tonsil hockey with this supposed “girl that is only a friend”!

So about 3 minutes into it, there was quite a gathering for the show! My dad walks up and goes what are you all looking at? He saw then he walked out the front door. We just were dying as we knew what he was going to do…then we see my dad get out of the car…walk up to HER car and knock on the window! “Everybody needs a hug!” She got up and hugged him then they drove around to the back of work! Embarrassed as all you know what! On the production board, to make matters worse, someone wrote ‘Good Job (insert name of co-worker here)!!! Way to go!!!!’

Next “ha ha” of the day, walking out of the mall a man stopped me and made a comment…”MAN you make me feel like Shaq today!!!”  I just smiled and said have a great day!

Where’s my stepping stool?

The CatMan

Melt Moments and an Attack at Walmart…


It was Wednesday night.  I was listening to new music on my computer and talking to Nomad.  Part of the way through our conversations he asked me if I would like to go to his Military Ball….I have never been to one of those before so, if my schedule allows, why not? This is what began this whole period….the song that seemed not to know how to leave our mind…

Truth be told…I had one obligation and it was at 10am in the morning.  OH this was so do-able.  I drove 2 wonderful hours to get to my destination to see Nomad.  When I got there:  we made a shopping excursion, assembled a chair and get ready for some fun.  The CatMan actually used a power drill (and I didn’t harm or hurt anyone in the process!).  It was lighthearted and just random fun.  There were so many “melt moments” as I call them.  They are the moments that just make you want to just melt into a puddle of mush.  I like feeling mushy.  On our way to the store, we had a weird mushy moment.  We were pulling in and we both at the same (EXACT, VERY SAME) time stated “…just sayinnn….Whoa that was weird!”  There was about 20 seconds worth of  “what the hell do I say after that???”  Then, it was fine.

OK, so I totally need to inform you of this shopping trip.  I have never feared more for my life as I did when we entered the Walmart.  I really almost died about 4 times.  The situation was as follows.  We entered in the main entrance with our list in hand.  At first Nomad was pushing the cart and I decided after this first situation that I totally was going to take charge and push it.  We were looking at pineapple.  The cart was obstructing the aisle way just a little but, nothing for someone to get bent out of shape over.  We hear this beep.  So we apologized  and moved it out-of-the-way.  She literally says “no you aren’t!  My husband might think I’m lost but I have to ….the rest was just as nonsensical as the first part….”  We acknowledged what she said then gave each other a funny look in disbelief….did she really just say “no you aren’t when we said we were sorry?!”  We just kind of laughed it off.  Next, I was easing out into the aisle way and then this cart comes out of nowhere with “I’m a woman on a mission so look the heck out” mode  written all across her face.  Well I was trying to be cautious but, apparently I had to be more aggressive!  In my pursuit to be more aggressive and just go straight for the items on the list, I about took out a 3-year-old.  He looked at me with terror and ran.  The mom was your typical “HEAY…GET YUR LITL’ BE-HEYANND OVR HEAAAR NOOOOW!” SCREAMER AND YEAH…that was about par for the course.  This brings me to my biggest pet peeve in the world next to the sound of slurping, why do parents let their little children run wild in the Walmart!?  Well we get to the check out line and stand there waiting our turn.  By the time we got up there, our pineapple didn’t have the price on it.  SO of course we were those people…

Melt moment number 2–1 being us ‘jinxing’ one another–when he first caught a glimpse of me in my dress.  “Wow…you look sexy.  No I really like it!  You look great!”

Melt moment number 3–when he comes running out of the bathroom with his after shave in hand “Which one do you think I should use….oh….um….ok I guess you were thinking the same thing then…” You see I had my perfumes all laid out ready to ask him already.

Melt moment number 4–getting to the dance, hanging out and actually pulling him on the dance floor for something other than a slow dance  🙂  sigh.  It was awesome.

Melt moment number 5–as we were driving over to the small after party get together, Nomad grabs my hand and kisses it.  HE TOOK INITIATIVE!

Melt moment number 6–sitting and talking about nothing in particular and having a wonderful amazing time.

…there are more moments but, I won’t bore you with them….

The whole night felt amazing.  From the chills, the laughs, dancing, the everything was just wonderful.  I felt revived even though I was tired.  What a beautiful 24 hours filled with melt moments and beauty.  AND READY FOR THE BIGGEST KICKER OF THEM ALL?????  I GOT FLOWERS THIS MORNING!


COURTESY of Nomad "Hope these brighten your day as much as you brighten mine. 🙂 The Nomad"

I am the luckiest girl in the world today!!!  😀

Much love,