When the Zig-Zag-Z won’t work….


I just got back from the store and no joke, no I would not make this up…this very disgruntled black woman is going off on a manager in the check out line.  I have no idea what the heck it was over but she whipped out the “…I am a preacher” card and as my mom and I got out to the parking lot.  We peered thru the window and what do you know…her arms are waving all over the place!?  This is when you know not even the “Zig-Zag-Z” was working…and it still wasn’t working 20 minutes after the fact.  Just saying.  Yes I must confess I laughed at this poor woman’s struggle.




I met Nomad’s family this weekend.  It was pretty great.  I felt like I meshed pretty well.   His sister Dr. V was amazing to meet and his momma was oh so cute.  I enjoyed the time spent with great company.  Which funny story, I found out just how traditional Nomad is and it makes me chuckle a bit.  “No shoulder’s showing at church…”  hehehe.

I feel like life is a blur now.  I need a few moments to just breathe.  Just booked my flight to the Bahamas….who’s coming with me?


Some kind of wonderful!


Saturday shaped up to be a great day…after cheer I met up with the C/Katherine’s and we had a grand time.  We ate, laughed, and ran around senseless.  It was so much fun.


So I went to Walmart…got hit on…and texted poor Nomad!  It made me chuckle a bit.  I sent him the response “If you weren’t in the picture I so would have thought about it ;)”  Then it didn’t hit me until he made a comment…”I couldn’t find anyone better than you, but you may find someone better than me.”  I couldn’t believe how sweet that was!!  EXCEPT, I had to correct him and remind him that was not true at all.  “I won’t find anyone better than you love”  (yeah go a head and say it….AAWWWWWWW!)  Am I making you sick with any of the talk of Nomad, yet?




I have come to realize that you are only as strong as your support surrounding you.  Where you may or may not have people physically there for you, you have plenty there spiritually there.  Only thing is, you cannot see them!  Interesting thought, huh?  You are never actually alone.  Your support group is unending.  Don’t forget those who are there for you both seen and unseen.



You will never guess how my morning started.  I got out of the house early and wouldn’t you know there was a TON of traffic.  I did however make it to work in record time though.  There was a car trying to pull a U-turn on the highway ramp this morning and actually that was pretty funny…out of no where and up over the grass and median…and the best part??  No not that they actually did a (pretty sure it’s an illegal action…) U-turn.  No it was not actually that they were from Illinois.  It was the fact that they did it in a HUGE Dodge Caravan!  Soccer mom missed her turn!  LOOK OUT!

Today has been a fabulous day aside from having to send an email that took me an hour to compose.  At 8AM mind you!!!  Then do you ever just feel so drained that you don’t want to do a thing after it?  Well I am pressing a long just fine.  I went on a date last night and that was fun.  We had a scary connection.  It was cool though.

Last night, I watched “It’s Complicated” for the first time and it was so good.  I laughed so hard.  What a great complement to such an already wonderful Monday.  Then I got a ring in the mail, from….well you might remember him from an earlier post….?  This is only something that would happen to a CatMan…THE ITALIAN PIMP!  Stupid business card…he found me.  I received this 2 Rose ring…which you know is just right up my ally  😉  I took a picture so you could see:


OK isn't this beautiful? What a great gift...FROM A STALKER!


Oh well, I took the ring out of the package and there was a note attached.  This note was probably one of the most sincerely cute/creepy thing I have ever seen in my life!   It read: “CatMan, I want you.  I want you to know that I want you and I want you to want me to want you…take this ring for now!  Fino alla prossima volta il mio dolce bella rosa!”  The Italian translates to: ‘until next time my sweet beautiful rose!’  How beautiful is that???  Well…it might have come from a guy that may or may not want to pimp me out but, flattering none the less.  It might be pretty spectacular that I got a gift and nice note but, I am sticking to my guns!

So I sit with my double rose ring on a happy camper.  🙂  Life is good!  Have a great day!

xo, CatMan


Shattered “Joy”


So today I realized that it has been a while since I have written.  Mind you a lot has happened between now and the last time I was on…and just to add to the chaos…I realized that the next day I have free is Wed!  CRAZY.

Well, I was making beautiful ornaments for my friend’s christmas gifts and I used Peebo on them.  Peebo is a special paint used to paint on glass, then you bake it and it seals it from chipping!  Really some cool little stuff.

I was talking to one of my girlfriend’s on the phone as I was trying to place these little bulbs in the oven when out of no where one of them dropped…dead little indian!  My favorite of favorite ones shattered as I was getting ready to put it in the oven!  It was JOY!  Joy bounced on the linoleum, then bounced one more than crashed.  FAIL.  I kind of laughed at the irony.  But, never to completely lose hope I pressed on…

Next semi-humorous thing that happened to the “less than joyful CatMan”, I was sitting on my couch watching T.V.  I was in a Sangria mood.  Oh how tasty it was!  Well…I was texting and drinking (not smart if you can’t walk and talk and chew gum at the same time!) so I set my drink down on the corner of the chair’s arm and proceeded to dump it all on top of me!  Seriously?  ALL OVER MY CELL PHONE!  Upon cussing up a storm, I took a deep breath and realized my phone just was jealous that I was drinking it all!  I took the phone and dabbed it off, took a shower, then sat back down and finished my show.


maybe I should invest?



As if things couldn’t get any better?  Just wait…it does!

Now.  I feel this whole little period for me is a test.  Just then I get a text message from and old friend “just wanting to say hi!”.   Grrrr….so being the nice cordial person I am…I said hello back.  We exchanged words then I politely told him to buzz off…I was very proud of myself!  Joy at this very moment was restored.  It was like the clouds parted and God spoke to me “GREAT JOB, CatMan!” A big smile was brought to my face.

Last night was the last test that I was given.  My sister and I were creating Rosaries for Christmas gifts.  For those of you who don’t know what a Rosary is…it is a meditation tool and devotional to Our Lady.  It is a very powerful prayer.  So we bought this set.  Neither one of us has made jewelry mind you…and we were really struggling there in the beginning.  I then suggested having a drink!  We drank hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps and proceeded to dig in to the project.  Once we figured it out, it wasn’t so bad…however when it was all said and done: 2 glasses of hot cocoa drink, 2 decade’s in, one spill, one minor gash on the finger, and one movie down …we finally just laughed at our frustration!  It actually was quite comical at how pathetic we looked.  We did enjoy each other’s company though.  🙂

All in all, even despite the shattering of joy, we can still find humor in our dismay.  If you can’t find laughter then what good is it anyway??

The CatMan