Funny things always tend to happen….

This is just from us arriving in Downtown LA.
OK always an adventure.  So when we got to the hotel, they charged us for having a car.  Neither one of us have a car.  So a $100 deposit was placed on Big C, my roommate’s debit card, each day we are here.  $200 thus far….ass holes…well then yesterday I spent all day decorating our area while Big C got our logs situated.  After work went to a bar in the hotel (mind you there is at least 15 food places there).  There was this girl that we will call BBB (big boobed bimbo).  She was all over this guy and talking loudly about this that and the other thing when she announces she has to use the restroom.   We just started kind of cracking up a bit but it really got out of control when she walked out and her boobs were just perky as ever.  I lost it.  Some poor schmuck paid for those I am sure.  Well ok anyways, she gets to the table, he gets up, she hangs on his arm then goes “Let’s go upstairs and celebrate!  this is the best happy hour ever!!! hahaha”  That is when I looked and made eye contact with the lady sitting at the other table and we both just lost it.  We made friends with them:  Lynn and Eric.  Later the bartender came up to us and said that she had been in 3 consecutive nights with a different guy.  OH DEAR.  Well then today….I got to come in later.  I walked to work which was wonderful but I was going straight to catering.  I get the food.  We are good to go and I get lost coming back to where we are working!  OMG I learned my lesson quick: 1. never listen to anyone in red jackets and 2. always take a left coming out of catering.  I walked clear around a whole other side of the convention ctr. when I had to go back the other way.  I was kind of laughing though because I had everyone’s food and I was so turned around.  LOL.  When I got to work, we always have a day of HELL PS, well we were working thru the issues today.  It was seriously the problem day.  Then we were driving back in the shuttle, and we would have been WAY better off working.  There was a guy sitting in front of us talking about several disconnected topics “mom’s just going to have to be put on the back burner, and working at Arby’s” in the mean while we were like WHAAAATTT????  Next we see this car go from a straight lane to a turn lane, pull a u-turn in a BMW and while someone was crossing the street they stopped and picked them up.  It wasn’t shady at all.  We get back to the hotel and get settled.  Well we went downstairs to order an appetizer and drinks.  We see our friends Lynn and Eric there.  Well we were kind of looking for a low key night so we didn’t say anything when a very DRUNK Eric came up and sat with us for a bit.   He bought us a round.  That was nice.  He was laying it on so thick.  Truly.  Well no later than 20 minutes in our boss shows up (thank goodness!!) and he pays and goes.  He was telling us how he was so obliterated he didn’t even know where he was staying….ha.  Well when he left, I found out that he paid our whole bill!  (sweet!!!)  but it was kind of a funny situation.
So I failed to tell you the best part so far of this trip!  Guess what other events are happening???
NAACP Conference, AdultCon (porno etc), Low Rider Convention, Bridal Show, and X-Games!  You take your pick!!

Full Body Stretch


Today’s entry…spot light please……..oh and I also need you to cue a drum roll…..will be simplistic and straight to the point.

10 reason’s why my stressful day was relieved by running:

10.  I downloaded some new running music that sounded like something off that Dance Dance Revolution game.  Asian women singing pop songs of today with a beat of 120-150 bpm.  “cuz, baby urrr a firrrewrk….make them say roh roh roh….”  I am not exaggerating.

9.  As I begin to run, I turn my new music on and just start laughing…I have a feeling this is going to be a great run.

8.  The weather was perfect for a great outdoor run.  Sunny, 60’s (F), and just me, my music, and the pavement.

7. As I was running around the track, I got about to a mile, then I started to walk at a swift pace so I could still build endurance.  My body needed to release the stress some how.

6.  Started walking with a woman who so graciously let me steal her “peace of mind” time.  She gave me such great advice!  “Do all you want to do before kids, when your thinking about marrying a person–look at how he was raised, what his family is like, and how he was treated as a child, then lastly don’t change for anyone!  Be that strong woman”

5. While walking on the trail around, it seemed as though everyone was smiling!  Everyone was in such a great mood, how could I not be?  That was the encouragement I needed.

4. There were lots of families out and about…parents walking or biking with their children, couples walking their dogs, and lots of fitness going on out there! (side note: also encouraging!)

3.  1 bug swallowed, 3 piles of goose poop avoided, 1 attack by a dog thinking he was Superman, little kid all of 4 years old riding his bike and flirting with me…


2.  I finally got in the zone!  All my crappy feelings of junk went out the door the more I pounded the pavement.  I felt all of my issues just melt away and because of that I was in a better mood!  (YAY!)


1. OK, I don’t particularly like running.  I do it for the mental challenge.  Yesterday, I ran/walked 4.95 miles and I felt accomplished.  I felt like I had finally “OWNED” something of my crazy stressful day yesterday!  I needed to feel some sort of ownership…Nomad helped me realize that.

When I got done, I just turned on some Mumford and Sons:  This song symbolically is my reminder when I am in a bad mood I NEED TO say yes and let love grow in my heart.  The lyrics say no, but I choose yes!  One moment of defiance.  😉  This group just kind of has been adapted as my solemn moments.

Full body stretch.  Starting with my neck, then arms…then the hamstrings.  I spend a lot of time stretching my jello legs out and when I am done…I stand up and reach to my arms to Heaven and ground myself and it feels amazing.  My brain has been massaged of all its toxins, my spirit feels renewed, and my body is weak with accomplishment.

Uptown Girl.


This lovely morning is one of gloom and lots of rain.  I am so excited!  Well here is the best part…I am going to visit Nomad this weekend where it is supposed to rain the WHOLE time!  Then maybe I could convince him that I ‘may melt’ like the Wicked Witch of the West did….for some reason he believes I will be perfectly fine.  Can’t say that I didn’t warn him?!  That is my one and only disclaimer.

Well my bbf (best blogger friend) Techy brought up a great point…I have never posted pictures of my pool boy…WELL here they are!

Last night, I had a doozy of a night that was too good not to share!  I was warming my wax up so I could tame my unruly brows.  Then I went to stir it and it popped!  The hot wax splattered out onto my linoleum floor!  (OH SHIT!)  If anyone has ever dealt or spilled wax before you know how much of a bear it is.  I called Nomad right away “…HEY can you google something for me??”  God love him, he did.  2 spoons, some olive oil and grunting later, I got the majority of it off.  Clearly this Uptown Girl can’t pay someone else to do it so…I was laughing at my stupidity the whole time!!!  Literally, cackling like a mad woman.  Karma…such a bitch!  🙂  Nomad was laughing at me too.  I told him I would get him for that one!  OH man it was still sticky as of this morning and we will see if the “roommates” notice…

Now on to puddle jumping and off to my meetings!  Have a beautiful day and don’t play with hot wax!  Lesson learned!


You’re fired!!


So last night our little “t.v. logger”  (no not the one that goes and cuts down trees for a living) stood us up.  Let’s call him, Bronzy.  It was pretty bad when you get stood up by a co-worker.  He tells us “oh yeah I will go out with you guys and it will be TONS of fun…just text me” (sense the heaaaaavvy sarcasm there…)  Well we texted him and that was the end of it.  Well…no I take that back…we tried texting, calling, etc.  It was as though he was avoiding us like the plague.  Later in the night we had our boss text him and yeah the key phrase was “You’re fired…”  It was pretty comical.  We all felt like American Bad-asses.

Now I must explain our evening.  It was 5 girls, one frozen pizza and pop-tarts, drinks and going to the bars that made this sight so much fun.  Pre-bar was a short walk in the cold to meet up with some friends, at the bar was where the fun truly began.  From dance floor parties, camouflage women wearing jumpsuits making them look unisex–yup definitely smacked the hind end and found out “he” was a “she” OPPS!, laughing at the stupidity of others–like the girl dancing on the table for no apparent reason!, shooting shotty glances from across the room at the jerks talking about us–just because we don’t fit your snotty mold don’t judge!, stripping in the bathroom–I was hot because I had gone dancing in like 3 layers! and finding “nuggets”…..the list of little things is pretty much endless.   Then I stumbled upon a sign in the bathroom while I was taking off my under armor.  I have provided the pic below:

It reads, "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!" 🙂

I realized something….I don’t like going into bars that much because of several reasons.  People are dumb.  When I mean dumb, I must tell you I literally mean they go more stupid than they were to begin with!   People try to hit on married men, dance on tables, hit on girls that are clearly not falling for the “You look familiar…Do you live around here?” line…(they are the reason why Aspen can be tricky).  Seriously?

Well I met a lot of great people out and that made all of the silliness worth our while!  🙂  I promise you this!   LOTS of laughter and great company.

We HAD to take a picture with the bear hat! Don't you even begin to judge me!

We made it home at a decent hour, then like girls do, we talk until 3am!  Call time of 7:30am!  Needless to say our old bones were dragging!  Well that is all the update I have for you now.  Happy Saturday!


Today I am thankful


Listen for your enjoyment:

Today friend, I would like to say thank you.  Thanks for being there for me when I needed you the most and thanks for always giving me the honest truth.  Thank you for telling me when I have lipstick on my teeth, or when those pants fit too snug….OR when I am being that girl and  just laughing at me.  Thank you for always standing up for me when I was being made fun of and thanks for sticking with me even though I would have never blamed you for calling me too weird to hang out with in public.


Thanks for never letting me out of the house looking like this!!



Thanks friend for laughing with me and sometimes at me when I was having issues.  Thank you for healing me when I was sad about a boy or just listening to me vent about people in my life who are demeaning…thanks for caring how I feel and what is happening in my life.  Thanks for the hugs and love you give me and thanks for always knowing just how to cheer me up.  I appreciate it.





For all of this, I am so thankful and happy to consider you my friend!


Party Animals!


This weekend was full of mischief and fun.  In leu of Thanksgiving, my friends had a get-together.  It ended up being a great feast.  We all got our best dishes together, drinks of choice, and all while wearing our “business casual”.  It was amazing.  This time the men were in the kitchen while the girls were sitting down relaxing.  It was great.

I was really proud of the boys for all they did to put this celebration on….it was quite the deal!  We all arrived between 4 and the time to which we were scheduled to eat (7pm).  From there, everything escalated!

Dinner was great.  Who am I kidding?  Dinner was great!  After dinner we all played games and danced and drank the night away.  I just wanted to say, for the record, that I behaved myself…but, my lovely friends well….can’t say they did the same.  There were games where I got to wear a Referee jersey and break up the fights.  I also got to sit and laugh at their stupidity.  I even had one friend tell me that if he thought eventually we–meaning he and I–would get together.  Ha I just laughed!  They are regular party animals.

I do love to laugh and my boys always know how to make me laugh until the tears roll….  The night continued to go on as the boys begun to blare the music (Journey mind you!) and proceeded to dance on tables.  What dorks?!  They looked like drunk sailors stumbling on the coffee tables…It was something out of a bad 80’s movie! They danced, sang and drank until about 3am in the morning. The party was still going on loud and proud until I left.

One thing about these boys is that I can only handle them in little doses.  They are fabulous in little spurts.  They can be sweet but then, after a whole night of harassment….it is enough for another 10 years.  They can cook, they can drink and boy they can be weirdos but when it comes down to it they have good hearts and good intentions (most of the time).  The mean well.

Let me ask you all something…what is the most ridiculous thing your friends have done?   It seems like my dears are always doing something crazy but, that is what keeps me laughing and life moving on!  🙂

Keep your head up and keep on pressing forward whether you’re a party animal or not!

Keep the Peter out of the Payroll


I just got out of a meeting with the honorary Herb Brautzsch.  This is my only disclaimer: Herb and I use raw tell it like it is language and I apologize if it offends you.  ON THAT NOTE:  Oh my that man never ceases to amaze me of the topics to which we talk about…today it was about all the women he had never been with.  I should say nothing really surprises me anymore at the craziness of topics.  ………Really?  Really Herbert? Don’t call me Herbert!  My mom used to call me that when I was in trouble!  FINE……..  This was a moment I definitely called him Herbert.  We were laughing until we cried at this ridiculousness!  We go from talking about cheap screws (which I asked him if he was referring to a whore–i told you it was rough language) and he said “she might have been a cheap screw but she was sure a nice girl” as he just wells up again with tears.

He was talking to me about a hair dresser that he never slept with then she got married, another gal Francie Weathers (yes he even remembered her name) to whom back when he was about 17 or 18 he bumped lips and made her bleed and he said he couldn’t get into her pants after that!?  Then, he said for whatever reason or another he just never did.  Like never sleeping with any of the ladies that worked for him.  That’s where his policy of “Keep the Peter out of the Payroll” comes in…Didn’t know why or what?  Just didn’t do it.  I can relate oddly enough.

He told me that he was the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I couldn’t disagree but only laugh and ask why….He told me that he had prepared me for things of the future and one day I would thank him.  Little did he realize that his “Thank you card” was in the mail  🙂

He also told me there was something provocative (not to be confused with being provocative…girls that wear turtle necks are not to be considered provocative these days…) about me.  Like he could really discuss anything with me and I not be offended and just fire right back.  OK….don’t know what that means but, can’t argue.  Personally, I think he thrives on this sort of interaction.  Keeps him moving and his soul on fire.  Keeps his spirits up and keeps him coming back for more!

Got to love words of wisdom from a 95-year-old man.

Good Ole Herb

A little bit of ME time…


I began my weekend with a movie with a dear friend.  We saw Hereafter, which was amazing.  Then after I met out with some friends at a place called The Rusty Spur.  Last night, I danced like crazy!  I took on the persona of a sexy cow girl drinking my Beam and Coke.  I was complimented on my smile by a complete stranger (how simply amazing is that?), told that I looked cute and confident, told by a friend from HS that my Facebook statuses were something that she could really look forward to and over all it was just enough to keep my spirits up on cloud nine.  🙂  I was simply amazed at what a great impact on my spirit.

I must say today was one of the most rewarding days for me in succession with last night.  Today, I finally felt satisfied.  This never happens.  My little cheerleaders took 1st place at their state competition.  They did so well and I was so glad to see the stress and hard work pay off.  I have provided their link:  

.  This has been the biggest stress as of lately.  Between the girls attitudes, having to discipline, condition, and shout thru things–it became exhausting.  All of my emotions, all of my energy, and time placed into helping develop these girls and finally it has been rewarded in their eyes, their parent’s eyes, and my eyes.  🙂

We had the best ride home in the world.  I am pretty sure that we all were the talk of many dinner conversations due to our craziness.  We were listening to music or all kinds, getting truckers to honk at us, and over all singing our little lungs out.  I have no voice now because of it.  We were laughing, and over all just enjoying each other’s company.  When we got in, I went and got my nails done with my best girl friend.   It was so nice seeing her.  So pleasant  🙂

Currently, I am watching Love Actually.  What a beautiful movie!  It gives me such great hope.  I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings  🙂

"The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands." -Robert M. Persig

And so tonight, I sit and ponder what little changes those bits of encouragement have made in my life and wonder how might I return the favor to help my friends feel the same way!  What a precious gift!

Peace and love  🙂

Hungry for Bandido’s…or Gingervitus?


So I am driving home from work when my sister Claire calls me whining she is hungry.  This is a usual thing at my household considering she is ALWAYS eating!!!  Well she suggests we go to a local restaurant Bandido’s for some food!  She is a good con artist into talking me into getting food.  Well we ventured out seeing as we were the only 2 home this evening.  As we are getting seated, our waiter was laying the “schmoozing” on reaaaaalllly thick.  I mean like thicker than blue cheese.  Claire can’t stop laughing and she claimed that just as he saw my face–he lit up!  Weirdo!  Well the best part of everything is when he brought out our food.  Here’s for daughter and here’s for mom (WHAT?!)  Uh…  Big sister.  His reaction=priceless!  OH, I was going to say…you look great for having a kid this age!  UH…if I had a kid that was 13…I would have been 13 when I had her…and that is DEFINITELY a problem.  He recovered; however he proceeded to stalk me.  He actually “came over” to talk.  I am just trying to enjoy my little sisters company and this creep wouldn’t leave us alone.

Not to sound prejudice against red-heads or anything but, I don’t want to catch your gingervitus.  NOT cool.

So Claire continue to eat and laugh and ask for a to-go box.  On our way out, he goes “so I will see you around again right??”  oh sure….blah!  Get a life tool bag.

Ode to the Creepers that hit on suspected MILFS…

There once were some single ladies,  Who just wanted to eat.  They sat and ordered patiently as the man waited on hand and knees.

Please leave us be now– kind sir for you are kind of being a creep, my sister–yes sister and I…we just want to EAT!

I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to lead you on, I don’t want you to ask for my number I just want you to be gone!

So as we asked for the bill, and we’re still carrying on, this man just comes at random times simply to check in…

We take our leftovers and walk right out as the man gives us a shout “we will see you soon, I hope?” our response is “sure you dope!”

All in all a lesson learned, don’t call a girl a mom when she is merely a twerp.  Common sense when needing a good tip, don’t act like I am a mom or old enough to have a kid.

Gingers and creepers beware, stay away from the Manning women, they are sure to scare!

🙂    The end…..

Creeps and Gingers beware!! STAY AWAY!