Part 2: Lemon Cake


Please, if you are confused, refer back to my previous post of Lemon Cake.  🙂

Long story short, I had a dream about one of my dearest friend’s wedding reception.  Mars was darling!  Needless to say, everything went so well and the happy bride and her husband not only cut every rug in the place…but never stopped smiling or having fun!  I was unable to go to the Wedding itself due to my cousin’s graduation party.  It was the best happy medium I could find.  Unlike my dream, I did have lemon cake (what are the odds!) and there was plenty to go around!  I was not late either and in fact, I was 1/2 hour early!  I was so nervous about that, but it all worked great!

I think my dreams are serving as a warning for me.  Leave on time.  Plan ahead.  Beware of “cute men” I mean, cough cough, CON-MEN.  Keep your wits about you.  Know where you are at and be aware of those around you.  Last night, was just one more example.

Standing in the check out line at Target, I got asked out on a date.  My reaction?  “No I am sorry, I have a steady boyfriend.”  Cool, calm, and collected.  He then announces, “…everyone has someone and I have not been on a date in 11 years!  It has been since May 11, 2001!”  I proceeded, first not making eye contact and second, “…well stop focusing on it so much and she will come.  You have to be patient!”   (What I really wanted to say is well you are being ridiculous crazy man!!?!)    Then, I quickly gathered my things and went directly to my car.  Weird, right?  He was buying mops and cleaning supplies too.  Screams serial killer to me!  CatMan was neither impressed or fooled.  I was shocked at the fact that just happened.  Oh well.  Thank you Sticky Buns Dream for saving me from something that could have been potentially a really bad situation!

Still trying to figure out this one right now.  2 days ago I had a dream about a family I know.  They live about an hour away and I was having a conversation with her husband at their house.  I have never actually been to their house.  Her husband just had this “proud papa” glow about him and he told me that their son was going to be a pilot in the Armed Forces.  It wasn’t Army like him, but something else.  It was interesting, but that was all I remembered.  After telling my friend, the beautiful wife in this situation, about it she said that their son was getting bored with his job and they keep trying to work around it!  This will not last forever.  She said he might be better served in that sort of job versus what he is doing.  Hmmm….wonder what this could bring…any thoughts?

What dreams have you had lately?  Anything good??

❤ CatMan


Lemon Cake


So, a few new things have happened to me since I have last blogged.  First of all, I made it home from my coast to coast excursion.  Minimal damage done there.  AND I have never laughed so hard over the course of 2 weeks!  From the “opps it’s raining” (as we accidentally spilled our pop off the covered deck and into the laps of the people below us), go on a ghost hunt, and tried to kill off grandma…it didn’t work but we sure tired!  AND, sat pretty lakeside with our cheese trays and fancy drinks…we looked like real “World Travelers”.  Second, my sister bought a puppy!  That little guy is keeping me from getting great sleep for time being.  His incessant “I need attention” cracks me up…reminds me of the dog on the Beggin’ Commercials….you remember right?  He was my little buddy last night.

AND moving forward with my company’s website….we are almost ready to launch.  More to come on that later…but Marketing will finally exist and prevail over the forces that may be!  There is nothing this CatMan can’t do…remember?!?

OK yesterday, I was kind of bummed and had a lot of house “cleaning and organizing” that needed to be accomplished.  The only problem?  I was in charge of the dog last night.  Man, he would not leave me alone!!!  I took him out to go to the bathroom where he tried to take out this huge limb that had fallen during the storm the other night.  Then he tried to pounce a cricket, take out a garden snake and finally we went inside where I brushed the burrs out of him.  For whatever reason, the dog is obsessed with sticks!  I don’t get it myself but, cheep and easy entertainment?  You betcha I’m in!

Well we get inside and he is not allowed on furniture.  He is not allowed to nip either.  Well so I came down to sit with him.  He plopped himself right on my lap and passed out.  It was the sweetest thing.  Normally I am pretty squeamish around pets but for whatever reason this dog has taken a liking to me.  It’s a cool thing.  So he and I hung out and watched Scrubs and rested.  The  second I needed to go organize my stuff he kept barking.  So, I stopped what I was doing for time being and told him “I am not going to listen to your sob story now lay down” and it worked.  He fell asleep and ta-dah!  I went to sleep shortly thereafter.

Now, here is where it gets really funny.  I had a dream last night about Lemon Cake.  Actually, I was dreaming about being at my friend Mars’ wedding.  She is not married, or engaged yet.  But, this is what happened.  We were in this dark reception hall.  It was her reception and she sat down beside me to talk for a few.  I had to leave for a bit and then come back for some reason.  Well when I came back they apparently had every known dessert out as a spread.  They had lemon pies, cakes, anything imaginable!  Well they were out of everything and I had none!  Ultimate nightmare for a “fat kid”….sigh.  I then woke up pretty disgruntled, mad, hungry…you cannot imagine the amount of emotions there.  HEAVY SIGH….humph.

I wanted to see what my dream meant?  I posted this little story on Book of Face and a friend of mine said I better start making some decisions…I didn’t really understand where she was going with this until I came across this site and I took this as a “big neon light” (Angels singing in the background).  The first link I open was this one:  Pay special attention to the first few lines “This cake WILL change your life!  Seriously.  It will.”  (see what I mean by a neon light???)

Maybe when life gets you down, or the stress gets to be too much….maybe all you need is a little Lemon Cake!  Not a big extravagant whatever…just simply Lemon Cake!