Use your words…I am enough



You know a realization that I came to the other day?  The english language is one of the most difficult and dynamic of languages with such an extensive array of desired words for any occasion, feeling, or inanimate objects and yet one of the most misunderstood/underused language at that.  With this being said, I feel like we limit ourselves greatly when we choose not to take advantage of learning how to communicate to the fullest ability using a larger vocabulary instead of words that are over used and negative.

Communication is something that is very much-needed to develop solid relationships.  Communicating when you appropriately love someone verse getting angered, sad, or any other emotion you are trying to convey is key to making sure the other clearly understands what you are trying to say.  I feel like a lot of times people in general cannot peg their own emotions; therefore there lies a lot of confusion trying to express their feelings when they cannot properly label it themselves!  Have you ever had that happen to you?  I know it has to me!

My first suggestion, get to know yourself better.  Start separating out what is emotional, physical, mental…start deciding what makes you feel certain ways.  Start identifying the triggers to which set you off (diffuse them), makes you happy (embrace them), makes you calm (learn and seek them), makes you upset (address the root of the nature and act accordingly to fix), and what sets your heart on fire (keep that of which keeps you alive the closest!).  The only way to translate yourself is to literally get to know yourself to the best of your ability.

Once you learn to translate and identify the little idiosyncrasies that your individual self has, you start to bring your awareness and recognize those qualities in others.  You will be able to intelligently make connections with others and inadvertently bond.  You can see your strengths, your weaknesses, your imbalances and where improvement can be made. For me personally, I realized emotionally I was out of balance.   Awareness was key to make that weakness better.

In any given day, have you ever tracked what words you use the most in your vocabulary? Have you ever given it any thought to the implications of these words as they have an effect on your audience?  Are your words predominantly positive or negative?  Do you swear?  Do you belittle people?  Do you try to boost your ego?……all of these questions take honesty.  Figure out why you act the way you do and address the problems.  Work through them.  Working through the problems is hard and takes a great level of honesty. Not everyone is ready to be honest with themselves enough to acknowledge their faults.  It is not a fun feeling dealing with an ego blow…yet when we do face an ego blow, it is one of the most liberating ways to experience freedom and progress!  It is truly a beautiful feeling!!

How you communicate with others will determine how they receive you and perceive you. If you desire a positive perception, act accordingly.  Be kind.  Be loving.  Be yourself unapologetically.  You deserve solid relationships which begin with you.  Do your best always for God and for others.  Remember, you are enough!


❤ The CatMan