A Non-Resolution 2014


A Non-Resolution 2014

My Personal Game-Plan; I want to learn to be a better person, love others, and cook and find my love of working out again this 2014!


One word challenge


For 2013, a friend of mine Ca-Ca asked me to consider participating in a one word challenge. The thought is contemplating on one thing, lesson, one word for the year. After prayerful discerning, love is my word. Each day I will be posting something about my lesson on love. 2013 is a new year to which we start by cleaning the slate and start once again to stand taller and get our act together. This year will be a great year as I will not allow it to be anything less! Love you guys!!

How was everyone’s Christmases and New Years??

Three Cheers to Hibernation!


You know it’s bad when you have a run in with a friend and they tell you that you look tired or something.  Really?  Because I am pretty sure that I have been sitting on my big butt eating chocolate bon-bons over Christmas and the New Year celebration.

You also know it’s getting bad when you are wearing your glasses into work just to sort of hide the bags that have appeared over night literally.  Between the cold chills of winter, the lack of sleep, and emotional draining….I feel alright.  I may look like hell but, I just feel fine.

Biologically, I want to hibernate like a bear.  Say “Peace out home slice and bury myself between the covers for a day or two!”.

🙂 Doesn't the bear look comfy?

Psychologically, I can’t say that I feel much different except for it would probably do me some good getting about 2 complete days worth of straight sleep.  Emotionally, if I could shut them off for a period of 2 days…BINGO!  Life would be good.  Winter funks are never cool in my book.

So I raise my cup of coffee to all the equally tired and exhausted readers out there and say “3 CHEERS TO HIBERNATION!”  Who’s with me?


PS:  Keep your eyes peeled to read some really comical posts based on my “break”!  Keep your chin up and live life to the fullest with great purpose!