I’m on top of the World, eh!




Think about all the lovers and hurts you have accumulated up until this point in time.  Why didn’t your relationship work?  Did you realize that you fell out of “love”?  Did you realize that the words uttered were not consistent with the actions given in return?  Did you realize that you were duped?  This is where the hurt all begins….

Putting yourself out there is a hard task.  Those who are willing to do so shouldn’t be the ones getting burned.  Our generation has such a skewed view of what relationships should be like.  Our generation is lazy and has been given every opportunity to look for the easy way through school, work, relationships alike and because of that we get hurt.  They say they are trying to be “efficient” well my friend what you don’t get is that the extra time and effort invested into a relationship is called working hard for it.  If you don’t see it as being “easy” you don’t just jump ship.  That is a pathetic excuse for laziness and a quick way to be labeled as coward.

I am trying to really look at love in a different light this year.  Love is not something to take for granted or take lightly.  Love is a precious gem.  Love is hard work.  I was taught to love everyone, that is not to say I am going to “like” them all of the time, but I am called to treat them exactly how I expect others to treat me.  I have really tried to embrace this especially with those who have hurt me so deeply.

Loving someone is a conscious choice.  You do it because you are called to do so.  You are doing it because you know that ultimately down the road you hope someone would choose to love you too.  Love through the hurt.  It helps.  Embrace the hurt you feel right now and start taking baby steps toward GOOD relationships.

Let’s choose love…you deserve it!  You deserve to feel love and give love.  Why?  Because it makes you a better person in the end and that is all that matters.  You are one step closer toward being the best version of yourself you can be.  🙂  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8PrTzLaLHc

❤ The CatMan