An Affirmation


I ran the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon this past Saturday.  The weather was nice but, it was the biggest pain in my booty ever.  First of all, with events such as this I like to plan ahead.  Plans were still being solidified morning of the event.  Cause for me to panic a bit considering this is one of the largest mini-races in the nation.  I have bulleted the list as not to bore you with all of the gory details.

  1. I was run/walking this mini with originally 2 girlfriends of mine (Mars and Special K) and one of their significant others.  4 total.  They were still trying to decide how to figure out how they were getting to the race the night before…
  2. I ended up staying with another girlfriend (KBarnes) who was running the race too….so we could all walk/run together.
  3. Day of the race:  we were together until it came to parking.
  4. Special K and I were in Corral R (I didn’t find this minor detail out until about mid race…) but Mars and significant other this were in Corral V.  We were all supposed to be in R.  Opps.  KBarnes was in Corral T.
  5. I went to Corral R thinking I was just going to find everyone there or go back to walk with KBarnes, but who was I kidding??  I got lost from everyone.  I had to go to the bathroom and we had at least 20 min left to start.  I felt like I needed someone to page my mom.  “we have a lost kid up here at the start line…..”
  6. I started the race off with no one beside me that I knew…I was kind of frantic and couldn’t relax.  I hit the first pit stop then.
  7. I ran my heart out until Mile 4, then I started to walk….then Mars and Special K came right up from behind me!  They ran/walked with me until Mile 10 (then they had to leave for a wedding)
  8. I had Mars text KBarnes to let her know where I would meet her after the race and that was my plan.
  9. We got to run on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway…and just on one long stretch I saw my college cheer coaches on the side cheering us on!  How cool is that?!  Gave them hugs and we were on our way!
  10. I finished strong walking the last three miles with a wonderful woman named Jewels.  We were both very happy to have each others company.
  11. At the finish line, I looked diligently for KBarnes…discouraged I started walking away…THEN NOMAD APPEARED!  Boy was I glad to see him!!
  12. Then we walked to Panera, where I was meeting KBarnes.  She was nowhere to be found there…then she busted thru the door and goes “where have you been?!  I was so worried I couldn’t find you!”  That’s when I explained what happened.
  13. I got my stuff and then Nomad took me to get my car.
  14. On Sunday, horrible migraine.  I didn’t move literally 4 hours straight, threw up twice, and just felt ikky.  Oh and my 2nd toe was black and blue.  That was pretty cool.
So all in all, I was glad to have finished.  It was the hardest race I have ever completed in my life!  But, I did it.  I made it thru and I was alive.  OH you might be wondering about my time….well that was nothing to write home about…but no matter what I finished it.  🙂
I started this post off with the clip, “Jessica’s Affirmation” because I think it is important that I complete this race.  I made the commitment and I successfully completed my goal: “…to finish still standing”.
My Affirmation:  I can do anything independently or with others.  I am my own person and as long as I am confident in myself and my OWN abilities, I will succeed at whatever I choose to accomplish.  I recognize my strength comes from the Lord, my drive comes from my will, and I will only be as successful as I believe myself to be!

Budgeteering at Panera!


Last night, in celebration of Halloween I went to see Paranormal Activities.  The movie was horrible.  I didn’t like it at all.  Don’t see it.  My friend, her friend, and I all went in costume to the cinema.  We had “Amelia Earhart: post crash”, a flasher, then a referee.  It was so much fun, but like I said the movie stunk.

Afterwords we ventured out to C-Street.  Some of the costumes of the night were a Loufa, the Madhatter, tons of Refs–although I looked the best, a Jelly fish and lots of other interesting specimens which will not receive my recognition.  I listened to a really fabulous band.  Almost as good as Boney’s band (sigh….how I love that man!)

Currently at work….trying to work hard for the money.  It has kind of been a relaxing but, kind of crazy day.  Dad took my sister and I out for lunch.  That was nice!  I am trying to decide what to do with my life.  I am trying to decide what to do about a few things….like the men in my life, the company I keep, and most of all making decisions about a few other key items that may make some long-term projections.  I sat at Panera with a close friend and we worked out a budget.  My budget was just really not cutting it.  It was pretty lame.  I need to start saving more money, not wasting my money on stupid things that don’t matter, and over all be smarter about how I am living.  That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense but were getting there.

Face wash, toiletries, student loans, car stuff, credit cards…ugh.  Then I have to be smart and try to spend less in total.  I know there is light at the end of the tunnel.  It sucks but it is what it is!  I just need to distribute my money better is all!  🙂

So here I sit listening to my 80’s rock music, rocking out, and wondering if I will be able to take a nap after work… is a good day.

Oh Kevin Bacon! How dreamy?! (swwwoooooon!)