Love: Time is Precious


I just wanted to share a story that made a profound impact on me this morning.  I cannot imagine what a loss his family is experiencing.  Here is someone who truly encompassed living.  I don’t know Zach personally, but after watching this video I felt like I did.  I urge you to take a few minutes to watch Zach’s story.

Never ever take what time you have for granted.  Never take your friends and family for granted.  Never miss a second saying I love you, or wishing them to have a great day if you sincerely mean it.  I am not sure why at this point in my life I have become so sentimental or sensitive toward living.  Maybe it was that nightmare I had that “woke me up”.

Love costs nothing.  It is freely given in the purest form.  It is something that must be chosen to give out and to whom it will be given.  Some are more generous with love than others.  The amount of generosity one may have with loving others might indicate greater understanding toward the virtue of love.  In the end, I truly believe that we receive what it is we give out.

When you look at your life, when you really see what you have done and all the lives you have touched–will you be satisfied?  Will you say, I really tried to embrace life in all its joys, sorrows, and worth?  Did I do the best I can?  Was my heart fully in it 100%?

I think once you start to realize the value of life you start also equally looking at everything differently.  You start really seeing how precious it is.  When you have someone slip too soon from you, you have the choice to be bitter or you have the choice to love more.  I suppose disasters such as the tornado in Oklahoma also make you realize how short, but sweet life is.  I can imagine when those parents were kissing their child good-bye yesterday, I am sure that it never crossed their mind that this might be the last time they see their little one.  Tragic.

Treasure the ones you love and hold on tighter.  Don’t make the mistake of taking those who mean the most to you for granted.

❤ CatMan


We need love

Dear __________,
In order to be a great husband, wife, parent, friend, daughter, assistant or being in any relationship for that matter one has to be able to be completely selfless.  What I have learned in working with Herb and thru this period of my life (much of which has switched to contemplative) is selflessness and surrendering one’s desires and wants is the first step to happiness.  Giving yourself up for others allows one to see this world from another person’s side.  Being able to look, see, hear, feel, and taste what others do is an amazing feat.  Helps us keep ourselves in check and is humbling.  What a precious gift so easily overlooked.  It makes you understand just how blessed we are.  We need these reality checks often.
When you understand what other’s views are you are able to relate on other levels to humanity as a whole, you can connect other’s with similar standpoints, make more connections between subject matter, and connect with other’s better.  For one who has issues to commitments and has issues with putting other’s first before their own want’s–It’s a matter of need vs. want.  Peace comes from with in the deep core of one’s soul.  Peace comes from balance and if one is out of balance it will never come to be.
Thought to leave you all with:  If we are not balanced and peaceful, then how can we ever expect there to be world peace?  What can we do to find that peace and pass it along in our own world?  Do we need love?  What can you do today to find peace and obtain love?
Begin with you and radiate with great light!