Get out of your box!




I cannot tell you anything truly about the meaning of random acts of kindness.  I have had now 2 realizations today thru written letters.  How beautiful the words, message, and thought.  Never underestimate what getting out of your box will do for a soul or any person involved.  Those random acts of kindness made me smile bigger than receiving a big cake with my name on it!  Now that’s powerful.

If someone does something that is extraordinary…then you should tell them.  If  you love someone…then you should tell them.  If someone makes you laugh unexpectedly thru the course of the day to the point of tears….recognize it!   I know it’s out of people’s normal thinking to go out of their way for someone but, you never know what that one little act of kindness/compassion or whatever has on a person.  You never know what someone is going thru or what kind of day they have had…maybe that one-act makes their day!  WEEK! or even YEAR!




For those whom it is not in your nature to reach out:  this is for you!  What do you have to lose?  Who cares if people think your weird.  It’s about loving connections.  Loving others, helping others, and who cares!  OH yeah!  They care!  🙂  It is OK to reach out!  IT IS OK!  “Come on in!  The water is fine!!”

One appreciative random act of kindness lover,


PS: Today has been one crazy and productive day.  I just kind of hit a brick wall…sigh.