Day(s) 47-49: Love Grows and Love Notes


I have seriously the best friends in the world.  Over the past few days of not “posting” I have accumulated several Love Notes/Visits from my dearly beloved.  I will share them below:

“Dearest Catherine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER!!! Sorry I can not be there for your birthday, but I hope you are having a great/fun filled day.  Sending lots of love your way!  🙂  Much love, KBJ”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite Sweetie.  Jim”

A friend showed up at the salon last Monday with a handful of chocolate for me for Valentine’s Day!  Not to mention, recommended a few people come and get their hair cut by me too!!  Totally sweet and awesome!

“I’M WIDE AWAKE! God allows special moments with good friends. Joe”

“Hey Catie, Have a great week! Rachel Fogarty  (Saw you in Adoration 🙂 )

“I miss you! Love, Claire (your bestest sis)”  (yes she really did write bestest….)

“Hope you know how much you mean to me…love you! :)”  (From my Sassy Sister!)

God Bless you, you are a special and sweet person.”  (Julia K my new friend as found sitting next to me on an airplane.)

I keep all my little love notes.  They are reminders when life is tough of all the people who support me and keep me strong.  They are the best group of men and women a girl could ask for!  I hope that I can be that friend for them in return whether that means helping someone through a rough break-up, giving them a congratulatory hug, or just simply making them laugh!  You know I am always up for a good laugh!

Sending out a few cards today.  As LOVE grows in my heart I cannot help but share the love….
The CatMan


Last night, she said….


Friday was a girls night. Fun and much needed.  We had a dance party in the bar…this celebration continued thru the weekend…etc.

Saturday’s a rugby day!  NOT.  I wish…that would have been cool…But, I had a delightful day of football instead.  🙂   I went to one of the biggest games from my Alma Mater, Indiana University, which is called The Old Oaken Bucket Game.  ACTUALLY, I cannot just simply say that I had a fantastic “-day” because literally since Thursday I have really been enjoying myself.  This weekend was full of mischief, old friends, and lots of laughter!

Well back to Saturday, the game was a good game…even better company!  We totally had a blast.  I got back around 7pm and then met a few other friends out and about.  This is where more humor happened to find me.  I was very early so I was the first of my friends to arrive at this dive bar across town.  I went in scoped out the table situation and realized there was not an open seat in the house.  Then, I made friends with a table of guys that were sitting at a booth where I was standing.  5 minutes later  Mr. T shows up so, I just said my good byes to the kind gentleman and went from there.  He then handed me a card for a “Chip ‘n Dales” event!  AHHH THIS MAN WAS A STRIPPER!  I took the cards and scurried back to my friends.  Then later into the night, a friend of a friend was introduced.  Guess what?  He was a stripper too!!?!??!  Two in one night!  How lucky could a girl be???  UH NOT!

Also some other funny things happened…I got thrown over a guy’s shoulder and spun around, I had to climb over a booth table and ended up being “eye” level with everyone…I also ended up meeting a guy that had EVERY single opposite team liking as I did.  THAT was interesting.  From rival high schools to NFL, MLB teams….etc.  It was crazy funny.  I must say we were pretty cordial.  I found a bunch of Sweet and Low and sugar packets in my purse, walked into the Men’s Restroom, and then almost got asked out by this huge black man.  Literally, this could ONLY happen to a CatMan.  No….for real though!  It was such a great random, fun night.


OPA! Just felt like saying that for some reason...



Sunday, went to church with the family then to breakfast.  We continued to laugh our way thru it.  My brother as cruel as this sounds announced at the table that he had gone hunting the day before and shot a duck in the wing.  Unfortunately, he had to wring the duck’s neck (that’s the cruel sad part) but that they had some delightful duck meat to share.  We are hunter’s and gatherer’s over here!  Either way, it was funny how he told us.  Then the Colt’s lost….that was an incredibly horrible game….sigh.

Monday is a Monday.  Today I am listening to “The Muse” and working on a bunch of hodge podge items.  I feel like I am being torn in several different directions…although I cannot say I am overwhelmed.  This is good.  My aunt is in from out of town so I think that we are going to go for lunch tomorrow.  What an excellent part of my week!

My last thought for you all today is this, if you appreciate your family and friends, please tell them often.  You never know what kind of day they are having or if they will be around to see tomorrow.  🙂

Keep smiling, keep loving and keep sharing ideas with the world my loves!