Stand a Little Taller…


“Whatever you pursue, you will accomplish. Being gentle and steadfast for reaching the best, it will come. You have something very unique about you and success has no bounds.  “Life is always touching you in sublime ways; you sometimes only glimpse it when circumstances emerge to slow you down. The Gentle Wind is a message about steady progress and steadfastness in the face of difficulty.” Being gentle shows the exercise of character. You know your path so move on it gently and with trust. When the decision is made, all things come to you. When pursuing the best, the universe meets you half way to help bring you forward and God is with you all the way.”

Kind words as spoken by my Aunt Mary.  A lot of changes.  A lot physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes. This season I am just over all learning to stand a little taller on my own two feet.  I am short in stature, but that doesn’t stop me from striving to be as tall as the GREAT and MIGHTY Sequoia trees.  I keep reaching!  Striving for growth in an upward fashion and I know that all will be just fine.  Baby steps.  This post is more a reflection than anything.  I need to slow down and enjoy where I am at in the moment.  At this VERY moment…for it really could be gone tomorrow.  Savor these times like an awesome coffee tasting. Engage all of your senses.  Smell.  Take some whiffs.  Let the smell infiltrate your senses.  Next take a cautious sip.  Let the flavor linger on your pallet before you choose to swallow.  What is your initial taste?  Is it bitter?  Is it sweet?  Is it maybe the best or worst taste you have ever had in your life up until this point?  Perhaps…but these little tastings, if done in life frequently can increase our awareness and bring us into a new appreciation and understanding.  For life is so very beautiful if we allow ourselves to step back and take advantage of tastings once in a while.

Stand firm.  Stand tall.  Remain faithful and true to yourself and all will be well.

❤ The CatMan