31: Homer Simpson….and for your consideration…Anne Hathaway?


Day 31:  ‎”Sometime, when you least expect it, you’ll realize that someone loved you. And that means that someone can love you again! And that’ll make you smile.” – Homer Simpson

For those of you who saw the movie Les Miserables with Anne Hathaway…this is simply for your consideration.  I died laughing as I could just see Anne herself completing something similar as the parody that I have provided.  See what you think!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4yxsRRnvkE&feature=player_embedded


Everything is sound



Hair highlighted.  Check!

Smile applied.  Check!

Red lipstick.  Double Check!

Realizing self worth as priceless…CHECK!

Sometimes it takes a night out with the girls to realize it’s OK to be where you are at and that you should enjoy each and every moment.  I think that it was a great weekend.  I will be exhausted, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner!   So what am I thankful for?  I have an extreme appreciation and gratitude toward a lot right now.  I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to choose to be happy.  I am happy for the ability to be apart of my circle of family and friends to which help build me up rather than tearing me down.  I am thankful for laughter.  Babies.  Dating sites.  Customers.  Catch phrases…and so on beyond that tiny list.  I am grateful for food on my plate, a roof over my head, warmth at night, and like minded optimistic surroundings.  So, what is it that you have to be thankful for?

What is the sound of gratitude?

❤ CatMan


Humor for the day….


Here is your humor for the day….a coworker was having lunch with his “girl that is only a friend” and he walked her out to the car. Well it was right out front of the office so my receptionist looked out bc she saw a shadow and was questioning what it was. Well it was a co-worker’s hair as she saw him playing tonsil hockey with this supposed “girl that is only a friend”!

So about 3 minutes into it, there was quite a gathering for the show! My dad walks up and goes what are you all looking at? He saw then he walked out the front door. We just were dying as we knew what he was going to do…then we see my dad get out of the car…walk up to HER car and knock on the window! “Everybody needs a hug!” She got up and hugged him then they drove around to the back of work! Embarrassed as all you know what! On the production board, to make matters worse, someone wrote ‘Good Job (insert name of co-worker here)!!! Way to go!!!!’

Next “ha ha” of the day, walking out of the mall a man stopped me and made a comment…”MAN you make me feel like Shaq today!!!”  I just smiled and said have a great day!

Where’s my stepping stool?

The CatMan

What’s your number?


So how many frogs are you supposed to kiss before you are finally given a prince?  How many butt heads (being polite for the little ears in the audience) do you have to go through before you finally give up?  Well the verdict is still out.  I presume this number…this fancy little integer…this nagging little in your face number about how a woman is supposed to conduct her love life is just dumb.  I said it.  I might be so bold as to say there is no such thing as one magic number which predicts the time and person you will fall in love with BECAUSE may I be so bold AGAIN to say (just in case you didn’t hear the first time), sometimes it simply just happens!

How many times do we have to be subjected to the pressure of finding Mr. Right when the expectations are such that we lose sight of who the heck we are?!  It is preposterous!  Why as a woman should I ever lose sight for one moment of who I am or what my goals are….or doing what I love because some stupid rules from society says so?  Who says I have to wear my fancy couture dress, always say please and thank you, cross my legs and always smile….and not to mention, mind my matters OH WAIT AND LOOK PERFECT ALL THE EFFING (again censoring for the little ears…this is Lent you know!) TIME!  How are we ever to find Mr. Right when we forget the very basics of who we are?  When we lose who we are, that is really when we find ourselves on a bumpy, curvy, and maybe even scary part of this journey of ours…

I used to think that you had to act a certain way to get a guy to notice you.  That is simply not the case.  Just be yourself, perfection and flaws they are you!  You were made with all of that already thought of and the Big Guy knew what He was doing…so you might as well embrace it because you are only going to get better the more you understand and know yourself.  Decide what you want and go get it girl!  You deserve the world and there is nothing but opportunities knocking….and if their aren’t the opportunities then maybe you need to consider a change.

We should stop trying to act like everyone else.  Stop trying to be something you aren’t and just be yourself.  LOVE yourself.  You cannot love another until you love yourself first.  Simply love.  That alone is an accomplishment.

Once you learn that it is alright to be a size ten and have 10-1/2 sized shoes, or be a size 2 with nothing but skin on…short, tall, big, small….it doesn’t matter because it is all yours!  You are make just as you are for so much purpose.  Discover everything about you that is wonderful and I guarantee someone will notice.  cough cough…OK EVERYONE is going to notice.

It doesn’t take a magic number to figure that out.  It takes figuring out how to love and appreciate ourselves and the rest will soon follow.  No magic number.  No societal rules saying this is how you find “Mr. Right”. AND definitely no set formula to win “him” over whomever he is.  That part will happen as natural as the sun rising.

Believe in yourself.  Love and appreciate yourself as you are right now and everything you CAN be.  Go get it girl…this is all yours!

❤ CatMan

You Matter


Today, I want to simply say….You Matter.  You matter to someone.  Your smile, your thoughts, your genius ideas and solutions…that matters to someone.  Listen to this as you are getting ready for your morning:  http://www.angelamaiers.com/2011/08/new-ted-talk-you-matter.html

Might I suggest that we all put this phrase “I Matter” on a post-it-note and keep it where we see it often?  Why not allow ourselves to be reminded of it as often as possible?!

Treasure those around you and tell the people in your life that matter the most how you feel…it is so important to feel wanted, like you matter, and that you have a greater purpose in this world.  Just remember that simple fact when you are feeling less that what you’re worth!

I went to visit Nomad this weekend.  We had a wonderful time.  We are now going on 7 months.  I helped him move into a new apartment, we relaxed and got to see his family, and then we went on a date!  This man doesn’t usually have patience but, God love him he did with me on Monday when he tried to teach me how to drive stick shift!  I was really proud of him for keeping his cool.  I actually learned two things this weekend, one how to drive stick shift and two how to tie down items to a truck with straps and a ratchet click lock appropriately.  I fell asleep on our ride back into town.  It was a two-hour drive back so, I just curled up on the bench of his truck and passed out.  He makes me feel so special without having to do anything really all too out of the ordinary.  This weekend was special to me though.  It was a good one at that.

Indian Outlaw…



So the question of the night (now mind you I was driving when I made this stunning observation) but, listen to the song posted above this comment.  What is wrong with this picture?  OK, Tim McGraw…you are a country cowboy who “fought” the Indians back in the day….I hardly think you are an Indian Outlaw.  It just made me laugh.  Country songs can sometimes be silly.  I dare you to listen to any lyrics of any song and actually listen to what it is saying.  You might ask the following questions (to yourself that is):  ‘wow, does this make sense?’, ‘…is this english?’, ‘what the heck is a shorty?’, ‘why blame it on the a-ach-ach-cohol?’, or ‘hmm…I wonder if heaven is really a place on earth, you think?’  Whatever song, I am sure you will realize why society is the way it is upon realizing how dumb most songs really are.

Wednesday night,  I was able to go on a nice long walk with Special K.  It has been so long since I could hang with my dear sweet friend!  She is so near and dear to my heart.  We spent the whole first mile catching up and the second lap about me giving her advice on a situation.  She was such a trooper.  She is so much like how I was, so innocent, naive, and just over all very adamant on an approach with a situation regarding a certain mutual friend.  It was kind of funny because we were fake kicking each other and we were swatting at each other’s arms as though we were getting snooty.  (This is one of the reason’s why I love being with Special K)  Her and I carry so much energy and sometimes we just need to release it by being loud and obnoxious.  I get that, so that is just what we did.  She has such a mental challenge ahead of her.  After our walk we went and got coffee and just talked.  We have the kind of relationship to which we can share whatever is on our mind without thinking twice and we are all loving and all forgiving of one another’s faults.  I love her just the way she is.  🙂

Nomad and I are currently simultaneously functioning doing our own thing while being under the same roof.  Yep, I am visiting him and my friends in Indy.  It is a great thing.  We have spent the whole day together just being dorks.  When I got home from an evening Confession, which if you don’t know what I am talking about….they best description is when you spill your guts to someone because you have to just get it out of your mind and off your chest.  You say your sorry and then you feel 10,000,000% better!  Then I finished my prayerful meditation and came home.  Nomad decided he wanted to go fishing.  I started working on some things for work and getting prepped for this trade conference I am attending.  It has been a spiritual day, a wonder-filled day, a beautiful day.  We had perfect weather.  God is so good.

When you least expect it, a rainbow is shown lifting you up from your winter funk.  Someone says something to you that comes so unexpectedly, catches you off guard, and totally makes your day.  Sometimes someone just needs to shout at the top of their lungs just how good they have it before they believe that life is truly good.  It took Special K calling me today telling me of how she was on cloud 9 because she was able to help impact someone’s life.  She was truly joyful and for that very reason, I too was even more joyful.

What can you do to make someone’s day today?  What are you thankful for?  SMILE for me my dear readers!  Life is hard but, not all bad!  Hang in there!!

The CatMan

Creative Cursing…


I picked up this book while with Nomad called Creative Cursing.  Well I figured since I have a “sailor mouth” anyways, why not?  I might learn something….or laugh a little harder?  You never quite know with me.  I brought this into the office with me yesterday.  I thought it might be able to loosen everyone up (or get us a sexual harassment suit!) from the already tight tense atmosphere.  OH it totally did the trick….

Most of these words I will not mention for fear of there being little ears…that is not the way I want to scar children.  I already scar them with my spastic and random personality…I am like a nothing they have ever met and because of that I am preeeeetttttyyyy sure they might at first be afraid of me.  That’s ok.  I would rather them be afraid of me for being a little weird than me having to put the “fear of God” in them.  Maybe that’s just me though.

“Nut Muncher” (hehe)

“Panty Bandit” (your face is slowly turning red…I see it!)

…at least I’m not a “Schlong Jacket” (hahaha)

“Sissy Wanker” (what’s that?)

“Snot Biscuit” (eww haha)

…Stop being such a ….”Wench Waffle!!!” (at this point I know you are just crying…)

…YOU….ARE…. SUCH-A…. “Slut Sniffer!!” (bahahahaha!  We all know one of those…hahahahahaha)

…oh yeah?…at least I’m not a “Sack Beater”  (come on….at this point if you are not just about to wet yourself then, there is something wrong with you!!!!)

This is my therapy.  Relatively innocent, or at least I feel like it is!  I woke up not in the best of moods this morning.  I literally had to force myself to choose to smile and that wasn’t too hard because the sun started to shine!  WHOO!!

Have you ever just realized that things are just as good as they ought to be?  Prayers are answered and everything is starting to make a little more sense!  🙂

Come on Nomad?  Really? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDUOcHg5ijg OK nothing implied here but, I really like this song at the present moment.  Kind of funny.  Freaked you out didn’t I??  😉



Get out of your box!




I cannot tell you anything truly about the meaning of random acts of kindness.  I have had now 2 realizations today thru written letters.  How beautiful the words, message, and thought.  Never underestimate what getting out of your box will do for a soul or any person involved.  Those random acts of kindness made me smile bigger than receiving a big cake with my name on it!  Now that’s powerful.

If someone does something that is extraordinary…then you should tell them.  If  you love someone…then you should tell them.  If someone makes you laugh unexpectedly thru the course of the day to the point of tears….recognize it!   I know it’s out of people’s normal thinking to go out of their way for someone but, you never know what that one little act of kindness/compassion or whatever has on a person.  You never know what someone is going thru or what kind of day they have had…maybe that one-act makes their day!  WEEK! or even YEAR!




For those whom it is not in your nature to reach out:  this is for you!  What do you have to lose?  Who cares if people think your weird.  It’s about loving connections.  Loving others, helping others, and who cares!  OH yeah!  They care!  🙂  It is OK to reach out!  IT IS OK!  “Come on in!  The water is fine!!”

One appreciative random act of kindness lover,


PS: Today has been one crazy and productive day.  I just kind of hit a brick wall…sigh.


Top 10 moments before High Noon…Valentine’s Day style…


Happy Valentine’s Day, first off.  Second off I have a short but sweet post for your enjoyment.   🙂  (it’s almost as good as a box of chocolate but, not quite!)

Today, I was assisting a family friend of ours….you know Good Ole’ Herb!  He was paying me back and when it was all said and done he goes….”uh…you actually owe me $.18″  I don’t think so!  He was only joking of course!  Well anyways, I had 10 beautiful, funny, weird, CRAZY, miraculous things happen to me ALL before it happened before high noon!  How could a girl get so lucky?

10. I got in ready to work hard today…I was motivated to do my work and get caught up!

9. I was kind of at a dull moment amidst me running around like a mad woman this morning.  I received a wonderful email from a dear-heart and a text from Super Woman, Katherine, and Laugh-a-lot.  It was simply the best melty “I appreciate you all so much!” moment.  What did I do to get so lucky??

8.  I got to go shopping at the grocery store, on work time for Herb!

7. While at the grocery store, I ran into an old friend.  We caught up for just a brief moment and then went on again with our shopping endeavors.  🙂

6.  OK, has anyone ever read some of these coupons?  They can be confusing.  So I asked a lady for help.  (she was standing right next to me and she too became confused!)  She was willing to help me figure that bugger out and lo and behold we got there!

5.  I was able to find everything at the grocery store with great easy.  EVEN the Ugli fruit.  Have you heard about this Ugli fruit?  I had no clue how to pick it out haha but we made it work.

4.  I called VW so I could schedule an appointment.  They could get me in today!  Long story short, my little bug has not had a radio in it for almost a year now.  My sweet brother bought me another one and so now it needs installed.  I need VW to do that for me.  Can’t wait to get back to some tunes OTHER people sing  🙂  (not your’s truly!)

3.  This pairs hand in hand with number 4, I GET A FREE CAR WASH!!! WHOOO WHOOO!!!!  🙂

2.  A gentleman opened the door for me.

1.  A random stranger smiled at me for no good reason.  It made me feel good.  🙂


LAST is my next best thing that happened AFTERNOON…The sun decided to come out and join me in such bliss!  Today is going to be a great Valentine’s Day…I just feel it!




Please listen while you read:


Today I feel empowered.  I am letting no one control how I think and how I feel.  I am my own person.  I am the invincible yet vulnerable CatMan.  I report to God and myself and nothing else really matters.  I feel beautiful.  I feel like I can concur the dismay of the world and love is what I have to share.

I am ready to set my world on fire!  I am ready to be what I am meant to be and my hearts all in!  Let my passions be known so that I can grow positively toward good!  Let me start first in my own live and let the good resonate throughout the world.


Give Love. Receive Love!



“If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire. Let the truth be your delight…proclaim it…but with a certain congeniality.”
— Saint Catherine of Siena


So remember followers:

….Baby you’re a firework!  Ignite the lights and let it shine….just own the night….like the 4th of July!….

SMILE, and have a wonderful day!!!

The CatMan