Too Busy for Life…


We all have had those moments where we feel swamped.  We feel like we cannot take a moment off to truly relax under the sun or perhaps enjoy the gorgeous weather before the world starts drifting toward fall and the arch-nemeses of the CatMan (GASP!) winter.  I think I just vomited thinking about it!  Don’t mind my lack of appreciation for the season…sigh…ANYWAYS, yesterday I had this waking moment as I peacefully drifted in the pool, “It is AUGUST and this is the first time you have put your suit on to swim?  What is wrong with you?”  I laid on my raft and stared up at the clouds…I always loved looking at the clouds even when I was little.  It amazed me that one moment you could be looking at this fluffy translucent wonder and the next second it could be in transition to becoming an elephant….or a T-rex…or disperse completely.  They are whimsical just perfect for a woman with an imagination and a great sense of wonder!

The next thing I noticed was how large the trees look from this perspective, especially this one in particular.  What a beautiful creation!  It was as though I was laying below a sleeping giant and at any moment of freak disturbance it could come to life and take this bathing beauty out!  No such thing occurred on that note.  The tree stood tall with all of its pine needles proudly displayed.  This was a tree of great dignity you see having been one of the oldest on the property.  I was careful not to disrupt this little moment that I was witnessing as the rhythm of nature continued.

There was a slight breeze and the sun shined as bright as ever even though it was later in the evening.  It was unreal, serene really.  Who would have thought that a Sunday afternoon could bring such joy?!  And then the cousins arrived and all peace flew out the door as quickly as it had shown up.  Once everyone was suited up, let the games begin!  From noodle wars to raft wars, whirlpool creation to floating on the lazy river…we had a bit of everything.  When it got to be chilly later on, we moved on to the trampoline and played volleyball.  It was nice to enjoy my siblings and cousins.  There was no work obligations, no pressure to leave at a certain time, and for sure just some good old country time fun!

Because we have had such dry conditions lately, our surrounding counties have been under a burn band.  Yes, no cookouts…no bonfires…no fireworks on the 4th of July!!!  Lame, I know.  Burn band ended a week ago so we also christened the fire-pit.  We ate “s’meers” and “s’mores” by the fire.  It was awesome.  Seriously, the “fat kid” was in heaven last night!

Now, if you are wondering what a “s’meer” is let me tell you it is even more delightful than the original “s’mores”.  Let me educate you….(clearing my throat)…

“Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls!  Step right up to hear about the most exciting thing you will ever hear in the world (lie #1) next to the man walking on the moon!  (lie #2) This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the creation of something so original it will knock your socks off!  (lie #3) You will be so amazed at the complexity of this item as it took YEARS upon YEARS to perfect!  Feast your eyes upon the “SMMEEERRR”!”  OK, literally a “s’meer” was an accident…when my Aunt and Uncle were dating in high school, they sent my Aunt to get chocolate for the group.  Well she got Nestle’s Crunch bars instead of Hershey’s Chocolate bars…that is really what happened. (ABSOLUTE TRUTH! NOTHING BUT THE WHOLE TRUTH I PROMISE!).  A “s’meer” is no more than a s’more using Nestle’s Crunch Bars instead of Hershey’s chocolate.

I have to remind myself from time to time, ditch the calendar and rigid schedule and just enjoy life.  Enjoy every little moment as it could change at any point of time.  Nothing is guaranteed.  Enjoying the little things is such a fantastic little pleasure.  Will you choose to be too busy for life or choose to enjoy every ounce of it?

❤ The CatMan