Can Can


So on 11/11/11, I got a call from my mom. She is the school nurse at my siblings’ school. They did a food drive. The office decided that they needed to donate more. Well I get the call “CatMan, can you do me a huge favor?”. In the past, I have been asked to do a lot of crazy things, but this was by far the craziest!

I swapped cars with my mom (yes!) and was woman on a mission for as many cans as $260 would get me. And this is where the post really will make you laugh.

Oh the irony of a 4ft nothing little bitty with two carts. Case upon case upon case. “Some sale, huh?” people were saying….I just nodded my head and agreed. Then after about getting the second cart filled, I though why not have come fun!?

Next person just shot a glare my way. My exact comment? “oh it’s 11/11/11…worried the world’s going to end….must be prepared don’t ya know!” Then they moved on…for whatever reason they didn’t take me seriously! As if…

Now when I got up to the checkout line, I just politely said sorry to all those poor souls behind me…


Ha…ring, ring, ring…pretty soon it was an assembly line. The cashier, God love her, kept ringing items up with a smile on her face. The woman behind me asked if she could help load the belt with the rest of the items into the other cart. It was a great process!

This is where it gets so funny. There was a man sitting at the other end amazed at all the stock I had! He looked at me like I was a damn nut case. I just looked at him and stated quite bluntly, “I am an extreme couponista and I bet you the total will be under $5!” His eyes got even bigger. I just laughed. Just then there was an abrupt halt. At 395 items it maxes out their transaction! Who would have thought?! I told her then at that point, “I will need someone to help me get these items out to my car please.” I paid for the first bunch while she paged for someone to help. Then she continued with the last transaction of $4 with of cans. Ha!

(upon paying) I ran out to my car and pulled up to the entrance. We loaded everything in and 10 minutes later I was on my way! I called my mom…”Santa’s Elf is on her way! Got gifts securely in hatch. Stand by!”

When I arrived at school, there were several people there to help unload. It was awesome and what a sight to see!


The receipt was taller than me! How great is that!? (please laugh because I am also standing on the cart).

Doing the can can was in support of not only my mom and siblings’ school, but the soup kitchen as well. What an amazing event all around!

So next time you are asked to do something, don’t roll your eyes just do it. Do it with humor and joy because you could single handedly make everyone think your a nut job and that’s alright! 🙂