Out of Hibernation leapt the Manning Sisters and It all was so Glorious!


For many of us, this has been an extremely long winter. I have found it so unnerving with every ounce of my being lacking motivation to work out, clean, and be a productive member of society. My extreme lack of sunshine is reflected in paleness, mood, and body. I NEED SUN ASAP!

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time together bonding with my sisters. You see my beautiful sister Root Beer entered the world of the married a year ago and then more recently motherhood this January. We had some fun bonding in between all of her major life changes and it was good. Our baby sister Cream Puff just got her license. EEK! I have been personally trying to spend more time with them as I know they both need girl time and it’s important for us to be close.

This past week at work, Root Beer and I had to replace a few office chairs that were worn. There were 5 that were purchased. Well when she got back to work, we got them on a cart and took them where there was some open space to assemble them. We only assembled 4 of them due to the fact our shipping department got antsy and assembled it by himself. We started pulling the pieces out of the box and of course we got bothered the whole time. Our dad, brother and cousin all approached us at different points of starting and everyone had a different suggestion. Give me a break boys! We got this.


photo 2

The old chairs practically leaped into the trash!

Chair Races....ready, set, go! We did it :)

Chair Races….ready, set, go! We did it 🙂

I didn’t have to work on Saturday. It was a nice chance to catch up on some spring cleaning, sleep, and laundry. I asked my sister Cream Puff  if she wanted to get a pedicure as we both needed one. Upon getting the list of her chores we were on our way. We stopped by Starbucks first then it was on to the Spa. I wanted to catch up on everything that was going on in her little world. She got asked to Prom by her boy-toy of 4 months. She was excited at her new-found freedom of driving and most of all just excited to relax a bit. I told her that I would help her with part of the list (which included making dinner) in order for her not to get into trouble.

My mom had already started a roast so it was a matter of making sides and a salad to accompany it. While Cream Puff did her laundry, cleaned and organized her room, and dusted the back porch I produced the remainder of dinner. No one seemed to be bothered by that so it all worked out well.

Then on Sunday, Root Beer and I got motivated and finally went out on a walk. It was warmer than it had been for a while and the sun was still shining. I’d like to think we had some fun…

We may or may not have started off jogging when we realized that was a poor life decision...

We may or may not have started off jogging when we realized that was a poor life decision…

We discussed our current fitness goals, men, being a mother to sweet Caribou (her daughter), and girl stuff. There were a lot of laughs and honesty. My phone ended up dying and her phone was left in the car. Oh darn! That meant there weren’t going to be any distractions and Caribou was in her precious Grandma’s hands. We were only going to do one lap at the YMCA which is 1.65 miles but we quickly decided to do another one as to continue our chat. 3.3 miles down, some great laughs in and awesome bonding time with my sister we finally headed home feeling accomplished.

There is nothing more refreshing than the ritual of sister bonding. I love hanging out with my sisters and even though we are all at different points of our lives that’s what makes it even more special. All of us couldn’t be more different aside from the fact we all may or may not be over achievers! I am the single, educated (2 degrees) career driven girl who has the social life. Root Beer is the educated (going on second degree) married girl with child at 25 and Cream Puff is cute 16-year-old who is maneuvering high school well with awesome grades despite her sports schedule, who is boy crazy and dreaming of what’s next.

The Manning sisters haven’t bonded like we have this past week in a very long time. It was long over due. One might say there were a few beautiful byproducts of this long winter. Out of hibernation leapt the Manning sisters and It all was so glorious!

Welcoming Spring with open arms whenever it decides to stay….