Out of Hibernation leapt the Manning Sisters and It all was so Glorious!


For many of us, this has been an extremely long winter. I have found it so unnerving with every ounce of my being lacking motivation to work out, clean, and be a productive member of society. My extreme lack of sunshine is reflected in paleness, mood, and body. I NEED SUN ASAP!

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time together bonding with my sisters. You see my beautiful sister Root Beer entered the world of the married a year ago and then more recently motherhood this January. We had some fun bonding in between all of her major life changes and it was good. Our baby sister Cream Puff just got her license. EEK! I have been personally trying to spend more time with them as I know they both need girl time and it’s important for us to be close.

This past week at work, Root Beer and I had to replace a few office chairs that were worn. There were 5 that were purchased. Well when she got back to work, we got them on a cart and took them where there was some open space to assemble them. We only assembled 4 of them due to the fact our shipping department got antsy and assembled it by himself. We started pulling the pieces out of the box and of course we got bothered the whole time. Our dad, brother and cousin all approached us at different points of starting and everyone had a different suggestion. Give me a break boys! We got this.


photo 2

The old chairs practically leaped into the trash!

Chair Races....ready, set, go! We did it :)

Chair Races….ready, set, go! We did it 🙂

I didn’t have to work on Saturday. It was a nice chance to catch up on some spring cleaning, sleep, and laundry. I asked my sister Cream Puff  if she wanted to get a pedicure as we both needed one. Upon getting the list of her chores we were on our way. We stopped by Starbucks first then it was on to the Spa. I wanted to catch up on everything that was going on in her little world. She got asked to Prom by her boy-toy of 4 months. She was excited at her new-found freedom of driving and most of all just excited to relax a bit. I told her that I would help her with part of the list (which included making dinner) in order for her not to get into trouble.

My mom had already started a roast so it was a matter of making sides and a salad to accompany it. While Cream Puff did her laundry, cleaned and organized her room, and dusted the back porch I produced the remainder of dinner. No one seemed to be bothered by that so it all worked out well.

Then on Sunday, Root Beer and I got motivated and finally went out on a walk. It was warmer than it had been for a while and the sun was still shining. I’d like to think we had some fun…

We may or may not have started off jogging when we realized that was a poor life decision...

We may or may not have started off jogging when we realized that was a poor life decision…

We discussed our current fitness goals, men, being a mother to sweet Caribou (her daughter), and girl stuff. There were a lot of laughs and honesty. My phone ended up dying and her phone was left in the car. Oh darn! That meant there weren’t going to be any distractions and Caribou was in her precious Grandma’s hands. We were only going to do one lap at the YMCA which is 1.65 miles but we quickly decided to do another one as to continue our chat. 3.3 miles down, some great laughs in and awesome bonding time with my sister we finally headed home feeling accomplished.

There is nothing more refreshing than the ritual of sister bonding. I love hanging out with my sisters and even though we are all at different points of our lives that’s what makes it even more special. All of us couldn’t be more different aside from the fact we all may or may not be over achievers! I am the single, educated (2 degrees) career driven girl who has the social life. Root Beer is the educated (going on second degree) married girl with child at 25 and Cream Puff is cute 16-year-old who is maneuvering high school well with awesome grades despite her sports schedule, who is boy crazy and dreaming of what’s next.

The Manning sisters haven’t bonded like we have this past week in a very long time. It was long over due. One might say there were a few beautiful byproducts of this long winter. Out of hibernation leapt the Manning sisters and It all was so glorious!

Welcoming Spring with open arms whenever it decides to stay….





Today was a great day! I got to be driven around like I was someone important and learn about my family history. We traced my father’s aide pretty far and right during the revolutionary war! I might be a Daughter of the Revolution! My family has been here longer than I thought. Heck! We might of come over on the Mayflower for all we know (oh man if so then I think I would laugh at the randomness of this discovery!) I also blocked a migraine without the assistance of caffeine right away and the sun was out!

I had a lot of discoveries today besides the afore mentioned… I am actually considering Cosmetology School in addition to all the other crazy things that I am doing! I think I can swing it and it’s only for a year or so and I would have to cut back on extra activities but by doing this, it will be something new and exciting. I think it would be something I might really love doing. My mom was really optimistic about it as well… That’s always a good sign! Now here’s to figuring out the logistics…

<;3 CatMan

(pic of one of my relatives tombstones! How freaky is it that she died April 8, 1852 and we found it April 7, 2012???)

An Eventful EXTENDED Weekend…


This weekend has been far from ordinary.  It is strange when life takes it course the laughter just seems to seep out of everything.

Making it on the list of things that occurred:
1.  Grandma’s house caught on fire
2.  Herb is in the hospital
3.  No fun in the sun really at all this weekend except for what I got in the car
4.  No house cleaning attempted; no house keeping claimed
5.  Slept in at the cost of missing breakfast….it was worth it though!
6.  Trying to freeze off a small but pesky little plantar wart….grrr…
7.  Got a great chance to catch up with Sassy Sis and had some good humor with her children


Get a call early in the morning, Herb was having a hard time breathing so they took him into the hospital.  Went to see him at lunch-time and we shared his meal because he just wasn’t all that hungry.  He seemed lucid and with it.  Good sign.  I left work early to help judge a cheer try-out for a friend.  I was planning on going over to Sassy Sister’s house right after.  At approximately 6pm I went over there.  She fed me wine and pizza and then we talked for a good 4 hours.  Her 2 very smart beautiful little boys made me laugh so hard.  They have so much energy!  The best comment, just as I was walking out the door was “Here Ms. Cat! Don’t forget your baby wipes for your baby!”  I looked at Sassy Sis and was completely puzzled!  They made us both laugh to tears.  Sassy goes, does he know something that we don’t know?  HAHAHA.  Nomad didn’t laugh as hard as we did about the situation…

Saturday and beyond:

I was up talking to Herb and I thought you all would get a kick out of this one.  A few nights ago, he tried escaping.  Uh huh….like the determined man he is, tried to get up on his own.  He pulled his catheter and IV out.   OUCH!  When I got there, he just rolled his eyes.  The one nurse said as he was trying to pull his cords out again, “you don’t want to pull your penis off now do you?  Because that’s what will happen!”  He just rolled his eyes and we just laughed.  Hearing aid battery went dead.  He seemed to be getting confused.  Less crisp as the days progress.  He still needs some paperwork to be signed and such but that I don’t think is going to happen.

Needless to say every family is dysfunctional, but Herb really doesn’t get along at all with his true blood family.  This is not new news.  It is such a shame.  He has suspicions that their intentions are not from the heart….well I cannot speak on their behalf but, I can say that I agree with Herb 100%.  This has been a hard process for me.  It is very humbling seeing him go thru this…it also really sucks.  I have done a lot of praying and discerning.  I had to lift him up, witness him flashing me accidentally, him trying to escape and me actually holding him back and helping feed him.  It has been a really hard process.  To see a man who was completely independent and going thru this “damit, I need you to do this for me…” frustrated stage is a true bitch.

In my heart, I know he is tired of it all.  I am hoping this is just a phase and he will bounce back once his medicine gets regulated.  I truly never thought at 25 I would ever be walking with a friend thru this stage of his life.  I know that he appreciates it…but he too feels as helpless as I do.  Yesterday, was a rough day and that was hard.  Today was especially hard because he was getting more confused.  The nurse told me it was from carrying fluids on board…but you know when the joking gets less and he just is sitting there is simply enough.  He keeps asking about his cart…”where’s my cart?” I would retort “Herb, It’s safe at the apartment for you.”  Herb would then reply with a hesitance, “Ok…alright I guess.”

OH OH OH!!! I didn’t tell you!!!  Thursday, Herb’s NEW motorized cart was almost accidentally stolen by another lady eating at the Cafe’.  It looked similar enough to his, yet settings were different enough that yeah.  He yells from across the room “hey HEY HEEEY”  (progressively getting louder)…I simply walked up to her and told her I thought she had the wrong cart….she agree’d and that was that.  It was flipping hilarious!!!

Well so that is that.  Nomad is to be calling soon so I must jet!  Love you all and remember (as Herb always says!)  Life’s a bitch, then you die!  (fingers crossed on the second part that isn’t the case this time!)  Please keep him in your prayers!

Love your family.  Be merciful and compassionate to them.  We know not the struggles they face and we know not how much time they have left.  Make sure to kiss and sincerely make up at the end of everyday.  Do not let a moment waste!  Tell them what they mean to you daily…they may get sick of it but, at least they will know!


WAY over due…here’s some Joy pass it on!


What do you do when life gets so crazy that you can’t even think straight?  What do you do when you have been swept down stream on a current never to be thrown off but just completely swept off your feet?  A LOT has been happening so let me catch you all up briefly…YOU LISTEN TO A SONG!!!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEXhAMtbaec

1. Nomad and I are progressing well…better than well but, I am giving him 3 dates before he is going to be able to meet my family.  I told him I feel crazy, and he told me I was just being me and anyone that had a problem with it I should say “piss off”.  I think you will enjoy this next pic…


Nomad and I...



2. Cheerleading is cheerleading and I am so ready to relinquish my “Spirit Stick” and move on to bigger and better things.  I love my girls but, the cheerleader is burned out.

3. Work has been CRAZY TRAIN busy.  I will send you a link to our new website when we are to that point…ALMOST THERE!

4. My brother is moving out (we don’t have an ETA, however I am OK with that!)

5. Spring is just around the corner and because the SUN has been showing it’s beautiful face my days have been 100,000,000% better!  I know that’s a lot but the sun makes me so joyful.




6.  Participated as “Abraham Lincoln” on our Special Olympics of Allen County Trivia Team for a local fundraiser.  I went as Abe without legs…it was very fitting!  There is something so sexy about a woman with a beard…..

7.  I have been so joyful for not having any sleep at night…I swear life is so good!

8. Katherine is one of my dearest girls and we sat laughing so freaking hard we were crying and hardly making sense.  I am pretty sure to the “average joe” thought that we were complete idiots!

ONE last moment to share:

Yesterday, I had a massive headache.  I had cheer practice (ugh!), then the night progressed…tentatively I was going to the Chapel for a few brief moments, on to Mass with the girls, then out for ice cream!  After cheer, I was feeling very discouraged.  I basically stated “I didn’t feel so joyful right now because of all the negative swallowing me”  Nomad was so sweet and tried to cheer me up with his kind words.  It made me feel good knowing he was there for me.  Well he told me that I had a joyful heart…I totally just said I didn’t feel that joy though…but glad he could see it.  When I got to the Chapel, I said a few prayers for my cheerleaders and myself.  I then hurried off to Mass so I wouldn’t be late.  I lit a votive candle for a “special intention” but had nowhere to give my donation so I just held on to it.  After Mass, I went and excused myself from the girls and gave my envelope to Fr. I don’t go to this Parish so I was just introducing myself to him.  Fr. James was this Priest’s name.  How wonderful he is.  Well when I gave him my envelope, he told me that I was so joyful!  He said spread that joy to everyone.  I almost cried.  That was exactly what I needed to hear at that very moment.  I felt revived.  I felt relieved and happy.  I felt like I could now go out into the world and let the real CatMan be shown!  My energy had just been restored!  🙂  Then I got to spend the most beautiful time with my girls laughing and carrying on like little school girls.  It was awesome.  When it was all said and done, Nomad and I talked to each other and my whole world was right on balance.  I was right where I needed to be.  Life is SO good!

Remember, when you are discouraged–God sends you little angels to keep you going!  All He asks for you in return is your faithfulness.  Heck, my life is so wonderful!  Here is my joy and I am passing it on!  TAG YOUR IT!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIRFE_1huMc

THE CatMan

Top 10 moments before High Noon…Valentine’s Day style…


Happy Valentine’s Day, first off.  Second off I have a short but sweet post for your enjoyment.   🙂  (it’s almost as good as a box of chocolate but, not quite!)

Today, I was assisting a family friend of ours….you know Good Ole’ Herb!  He was paying me back and when it was all said and done he goes….”uh…you actually owe me $.18″  I don’t think so!  He was only joking of course!  Well anyways, I had 10 beautiful, funny, weird, CRAZY, miraculous things happen to me ALL before it happened before high noon!  How could a girl get so lucky?

10. I got in ready to work hard today…I was motivated to do my work and get caught up!

9. I was kind of at a dull moment amidst me running around like a mad woman this morning.  I received a wonderful email from a dear-heart and a text from Super Woman, Katherine, and Laugh-a-lot.  It was simply the best melty “I appreciate you all so much!” moment.  What did I do to get so lucky??

8.  I got to go shopping at the grocery store, on work time for Herb!

7. While at the grocery store, I ran into an old friend.  We caught up for just a brief moment and then went on again with our shopping endeavors.  🙂

6.  OK, has anyone ever read some of these coupons?  They can be confusing.  So I asked a lady for help.  (she was standing right next to me and she too became confused!)  She was willing to help me figure that bugger out and lo and behold we got there!

5.  I was able to find everything at the grocery store with great easy.  EVEN the Ugli fruit.  Have you heard about this Ugli fruit?  I had no clue how to pick it out haha but we made it work.

4.  I called VW so I could schedule an appointment.  They could get me in today!  Long story short, my little bug has not had a radio in it for almost a year now.  My sweet brother bought me another one and so now it needs installed.  I need VW to do that for me.  Can’t wait to get back to some tunes OTHER people sing  🙂  (not your’s truly!)

3.  This pairs hand in hand with number 4, I GET A FREE CAR WASH!!! WHOOO WHOOO!!!!  🙂

2.  A gentleman opened the door for me.

1.  A random stranger smiled at me for no good reason.  It made me feel good.  🙂


LAST is my next best thing that happened AFTERNOON…The sun decided to come out and join me in such bliss!  Today is going to be a great Valentine’s Day…I just feel it!


Cannot Stop Sneezing


So today has been a great day!  I had Special Olympics Regional Bowling early this afternoon followed up by a baby shower for a dear friend of mine.  The weather was perfect, and everything just worked out great.  Everything just was fabulous except for the fact that I cannot stop sneezing!!!

Yes….it is a fact that I am trying to get over a sinus infection now.  Yes….also a fact that I can feel so much pressure still behind my sinuses that it makes my equilibrium a little off…almost as though I was pie-eyed (if you know what I mean!)  Yes…..I probably hold now the girl who “sneezed the most in a day” Guinness Book of World Records!   So I propose the question “why do we sneeze?”…..I consulted the best research tool ever “The Google” and this is what I found…basically we sneeze to get rid of bad particles in our nose.  It is our body’s natural reaction to clearing our system out.  Here if you actually want to read the “scientific” version: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=why-do-we-sneeze.

No one once said “bless you”!  Oh well.

Today has been so low key!  So many times I find these are the best days to just chill and find peace in myself.  I like to imagine what it would be like on a beach somewhere, imagine me laying out soaking up the sun!  I like the idea of it remaining summer all year here but, I like my seasons too much.

see now why can't I be this guy right now?

Well I hope that my night continues to go smoothly.  I have to pack tomorrow because I get to go to FLORIDA Monday night!  HOLLLAAA!

🙂 Peace and love ladies and gents!