My Love story is boring….I think


Today, I post a link to another individuals blog.  I want to encourage you to listen to what she is saying as it is so profound.

What is love?

What is love?

It amazes me at our perception of what love is when we are young verse what it REALLY means when we are older.  We have to be such drama queens/kings when we are young. We desire everything to be BIG moments.  Love is reflected in the little acts.  Like being there to hold our hand, giving us hugs, and providing us with support in hard times.  It is also loving through the hard moments and not leaving our side.  It is loyalty.  Support.  It is all seemingly undramatic and ordinary tasks.  Love is found in the little actions.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
― Mother Teresa

❤ CatMan


Help! I have been Locked-Up!


Blogger friends….I am seeking your help!  I am locked-up.  Yes, you read that right.  I am a “Jail Bird”.  I am trying to raise money on behalf of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  I am trying to make bail which has been set at $3,000 due in June 5, 2013.  My work, Accu-Label, Inc. is sponsoring my lock-up in hopes to raise money and awareness for Jerry’s Kids.

If you are interested in making a donation, I have posted my personal page below:

I have always felt a deep tie with getting involved and helping others.  It is something that is important to me as well as to the person on the receiving end.  I would like to ask you to consider donating or at least reading more about the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  They really are a great organization doing wonderful things for the community.

Thank you for your consideration and love you all for your blog support!!  You are what keep me motivated, inspired, and going in positive directions!  For that I am forever thankful!

❤ The CatMan

Some kind of wonderful!


Saturday shaped up to be a great day…after cheer I met up with the C/Katherine’s and we had a grand time.  We ate, laughed, and ran around senseless.  It was so much fun.

So I went to Walmart…got hit on…and texted poor Nomad!  It made me chuckle a bit.  I sent him the response “If you weren’t in the picture I so would have thought about it ;)”  Then it didn’t hit me until he made a comment…”I couldn’t find anyone better than you, but you may find someone better than me.”  I couldn’t believe how sweet that was!!  EXCEPT, I had to correct him and remind him that was not true at all.  “I won’t find anyone better than you love”  (yeah go a head and say it….AAWWWWWWW!)  Am I making you sick with any of the talk of Nomad, yet?




I have come to realize that you are only as strong as your support surrounding you.  Where you may or may not have people physically there for you, you have plenty there spiritually there.  Only thing is, you cannot see them!  Interesting thought, huh?  You are never actually alone.  Your support group is unending.  Don’t forget those who are there for you both seen and unseen.



Yesterday after work I had some time of solidarity at my favorite place, the Chapel.  I got out of work late so I decided to spend sometime in quiet and I actually passed out for about a half of an hour.  It was a very nice power nap to get me thru the rest of my day.

Well upon leaving the Chapel I went home and got my workout gear on and ventured to the Y.  Let me tell you, I love people watching.  It also cracks me up that the people who are the socialites of the workout arena are skinny, tan, usually 18-35 years old or so, and they have a body that is not conducive to actually working out.


Yes...the skinny tramps look like this! Sigh and for the rest of us who have a curvy womanly body...


Now, this is merely an observation.  There are groups that congregate in the specific classes, around the machines, and at certain times of the day.  There are grunters, moaners and girls that have full-blown fake nails, make up, and hair all done up just to sweat a little.  It also makes me laugh at the little girls walking in wearing next to nothing but just a simply “cutsie” workout bra and spandex!  OK, I have a nice body but I am a curvy woman.  I could never wear that and feel comfortable at the gym.  First off, you would have to double those bras up so the “twins” aren’t banging me in the face (now I need no black eyes!) and second off it is a privilege…..PRIVILEGE PEOPLE….to wear spandex!  I am sorry ladies but full coverage granny panties that bunch when you run do NOT look so attractive in spandex and I totally respect that.  So no spandex for this girl!  Normally I am the kid wearing the big t-shirts and shorts that actually cover the bum up.  I don’t look like I am picking up on any of the gym rat boys who are trying to get swoll for Spring Break.

So everyone I am sure has heard of Jersey Shore, right?  I am totally not even kidding you these girls looked like Snookie!

Personally....I would take the pizza!

Truly.  Not joking.  She looked exactly like her but in workout gear.  Skinny yoga pants, a clueless gaze, and was working on who knows what?!  Why is it necessary to look like this when working out but, to draw the wrong kind of attention and lose your cookies!  Sorry…just kind of annoys me.

I made the mistake in college once wearing a shirt I bought to support my roommate whom played Rugby.  See I was the flying Cheerleader and she was the Rugby extraordinaire!  I loved wearing those shirts out of support but, not to the gym!  The one day I got hit on by a fellow female student (I was wearing my Rugby shirt) and I am pretty sure that there was a “minor” assumption made!  HA.  Flattering, but sorry I don’t swing that way!  Needless to say, I thought twice before grabbing a random t-shirt to workout in…sigh.

I kind of get weirded out when people not only bring attention to themselves via the outfit chosen to work out in, but also at grunting or making animatistic loud noises!!  Is that really necessary???   REAAHHH-OOHHH-AHHH!  CLINK-CLINK-CLINK. SIGH. MAN…

I hope this evening I can zone out, not get distracted by Snookie and her Jersey Shore crew and make some progress training for this Mini Marathon that I am running in May!  Here goes another training session for me…

I will say this about yesterday, I laughed so incredibly hard.  I loved like I had never loved before, and forgot about the “dead weight” in my life.  Yesterday I was in the best of moods.  No idea why but I will take what I can get!  Today was very good over all now, we will see what this evening has in store!  🙂

Happy trails,

The CatMan