Coffee with a Spoonful of Humor


Have you ever had one of those mornings where everything you thought was going to happen, didn’t?  Let me explain. It is like where you get something in your head and it is WAY worse than you think it’s going to be…you build this fear up in your noggin about this and about that for what?  FOR NOTHING.

Well this morning I figured was going to be slammed with obligations of work, requests from persons needing answers right away, and that I was going to have a to-do-list the size of me!  For those of you who don’t know, I am all of 4′ 8″. My personality is as strong and robust as a 7″ male who may or may not be a body builder.  Anyways, that most definitely was not the case this morning.  This morning (knock on wood) has been reflective and relaxing.  It has been one where I have been able to pace myself and accomplish what is needed with little strain mentally or physically.

This morning, I woke up at 6am; however, I didn’t get out of bed until 6:45am.  I took a longer shower taking time to shave my legs, wash my hair, and cover up the blemishes.  I was completely ready by 7:25am and then I decided to dump my mother’s hot tea everywhere.  It took me a few minutes to clean that sticky mess up.  10 minutes later we were off to school!  I was astounded that it took me 40 minutes to complete all of that and then it was off to drop my sister off at school (who takes after me in the mornings with unheard alarms, puffy eyes, and ouch demeanor until fully able to accept she has to be awake).  Heck I even had first round of coffee in hand!  We were cordial to each other.  She made it to school on time and her hair looked great.  Despite her tardiness and rough start, she had hair curled and make-up completed.  Check and check!  Not exactly what I though was going to be the outcome of such a rough start.

As I pull in to work, I sit there for a small moment.  I thought let’s pull ourselves together there CatMan and let’s make this a good day!  As I went to lift my coffee thermos out of my cup holder, the cup slammed down spraying coffee everywhere! It seems that I might be in a bit of a war with traveling liquids today!  I am sure that those surrounding me could hear the colorful vocabulary as the rough start was just topped with a big ol’ cherry!

I scurried into work and tried to clean myself up.  A co-worker cleaned my jacket so I could run out and clean my new car off.  What a stickier mess than before!  In thinking that I had cleaned all of it off I realized my outfit had spots and my tan seats now had spots as well.  Dang!  It was just bound to be one of those days!

Well everything ended up alright despite the hilarity of my morning.  Mind you all of this excitement happened prior to 8am.  Lovely isn’t it?

Sister pretty and to school on time, 2 drinks spilled, a trip to the dry cleaner later…it turned out to be a pretty good day over all.  I could laugh at the first part because WHO DOES THAT!?  CATMAN DOES!  Oh well….I could think of much worse things to happen…but let’s not go there!

Klinky and Klutzy


Everything is sound


Hair highlighted.  Check!

Smile applied.  Check!

Red lipstick.  Double Check!

Realizing self worth as priceless…CHECK!

Sometimes it takes a night out with the girls to realize it’s OK to be where you are at and that you should enjoy each and every moment.  I think that it was a great weekend.  I will be exhausted, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner!   So what am I thankful for?  I have an extreme appreciation and gratitude toward a lot right now.  I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to choose to be happy.  I am happy for the ability to be apart of my circle of family and friends to which help build me up rather than tearing me down.  I am thankful for laughter.  Babies.  Dating sites.  Customers.  Catch phrases…and so on beyond that tiny list.  I am grateful for food on my plate, a roof over my head, warmth at night, and like minded optimistic surroundings.  So, what is it that you have to be thankful for?

What is the sound of gratitude?

❤ CatMan


Rainbow Connection: Humor and Inspiration



“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try”  –John F. Kennedy.

Hearts of Inspiration...

First of all, Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Saturday’s Old Oaken Bucket game (Indiana University vs. Purdue University–sorry it’s a Midwest thing!) and enjoyed plenty of good company.  Well tonight really sums up just what a fantastic time I had because I went with a girlfriend of mine to see “The Muppets Movie”  🙂

Over the past few days, I was reminded to Inspire.  At Thanksgiving, just showing up and helping gather the food, people, and everything needed to make the show happen is the best way to be.  No one like people who just show up for food than “peace out!”  Simply playing games with the youngest members of the gathering can mean the whole world to them as a “big person” is paying them some attention.  And hugs are priceless and irreplaceable.

I am a woman who can equally perform tasks as a single or together (thank you Ms. Piggy and Amy Adams for the reminder!), I am someone with a few small gifts to offer–as everyone has SOMETHING they can contribute (thank you Walter…), life is about figuring out who you are and what you are made of (thank you Kermit for helping me never lose hope in myself), and just when you think you can’t figure it out, there are friends who are all around to help you find your way!

The Muppets single-handedly reminded me of the third best thing in the world….laughter!  What would we be without laughter?  That’s right, a bunch of serious fuddy-duds.  I said it.  Fuddy-duds.  What could be worse?  Inspiration through laughter.  What a novel idea!  Something that has far been under appreciated for years…witty, smart, dry humor.

A dear friend of mine, RL taught me a little something about humor this weekend as well when we were on our way to the Old Oaken Bucket game.  To be a stand up, you have to always be on your toes and keep your head about you.  You cannot let people catch you off guard, but play off the opportunities given to you on stage.  If you get a heckler, no need to bother.  They aren’t worth your time.  Keep the rest of the crowd engaged.  Same could go in real life situations as well.

Tonight was a final reminder my desire and purpose is to inspire people.  I am to encourage, help people discover what it is I see that they can’t see, and ultimately change people’s perceptions of themselves that they way they view their futures.  Laughter, positive reinforcements and lots of love….that is the formula.

People are too quick to give up on themselves.  They lose hope so easily!  What is that all about???  We can never ever lose hope especially not in ourselves!  For, if we do not believe we can do it, then surely no one else will.  We must stand tall on our own two feet and chose to inspire ‘I’ first then let the inspiration radiate…

So how do you inspire?  For me, it is humor and insight….but what is it for you dear friends??

❤ CatMan

What’s up with that?


So this week has been full of surprises.  Today was Thanksgiving.  What an amazing day.  Although I must tell you much of my problems started yesterday.

First of all I want to set the record straight…beer bottles are dangerous!  Being mischievous at a bar, second off is definitely not a good idea.  I love visiting and dancing with people!  Making friends is my specialty!  If I could have a profession of any kind, it would be to talk and connect everyone known to man.  🙂

Well essentially, what happened long story short, a beer bottle shattered in my hand.  It sliced my hand a good one….probably should have had stitches but there really was nowhere to turn.

It looks worse in person...but you get the idea!

So the inner nurse in me said “rinse and immediately apply pressure”.  My mother who is ACTUALLY a certified Nurse, agreed that I should have gotten stitches but it just wasn’t going to happen!  Sterile strips to the rescue!  So now, I shower with one glove on…no tribute to Michael Jackson I assure you.  I didn’t sleep well last night.

This morning, after mom put me back together, I ran a race with my brother and sister.  It was only 4 miles but, it was over hills and thru a cemetery.   WHOOOAH MOMMA!  That was gruesome…but we made it!  🙂

I pretty much was a slug all day today.  I was whooped.  OH  but, I did do a load of laundry!  That’s being productive….sort of?  Don’t you judge me!  ANYways….we had our family thanksgiving celebration this evening at 5pm.  It was fabulous.  Delicious.  We had fried turkey, 3 kinds of potatoes, rolls, pies, cheesecakes, and such.  It was amazing to spend time with my family.  It was simple and that’s the most important.  Faith and family are two of the most important.  After dinner we all just chilled.  Then, I took my baby sister to go see Tangled.  FOR THE RECORD, IT WAS GREAT!!!  Now, I want to get something straight….my baby sister is not reaallly a baby…she’s 13.  Now the other kicker is this….she is taller than me!  I got genetically screwed my friends.  I have accepted this as fact and as my reality.  You really should accept that fact too.  It will be harder for you but, at least you have time 😉

When we got home, we sifted thru the “Black Friday” specials in the newspaper.  It took us about an hour to see everything and create a strategy for where to first.  I have never been one to truly be a “Black Friday” shopper, but I did find a few things worth looking at…I did hear a story about a woman who waited outside a Best Buy for upwards 48 hours to ensure that she was the first in line.  Honestly, what’s up with that?  Is any material item worth that?

Not in my world I am afraid.

“Are you suckin’ or spoonin’ it?” (true story)


Yesterday, Mr. Y and I went on a 2:30pm run to Walmart.  How tragic that it just so happened to be during Happy Hour: 1/2 price drinks/shakes!  Well after we had met our “work obligations” we chanced it and bought 2 Caramel Apple Shakes.  OH SO GOOD!  Well as we were driving to park so we could get a head start before going directly back to work Mr. Y asks “Are you suckin’ or spoonin’ it?”.  I lost it.  LITERALLY lost it.  He looked at me because he was so confused.  I told him to rethink what he had just said.  Now, I can attest that he was innocently referring to whether I was using my straw or using my spoon to demolish the drink in a timely fashion.

You see this happens to Mr. Y all of the time.  He is one of the most hilarious people I have met to date, whether he means to be or not.  I would give you his age, but what’s in a number?  Nothing.  It’s in how young you feel and all in who you hang with….obviously that is why he hangs with me!  🙂  We get into all sorts of problems all the time!  It is pretty fun though.

There was one time when I was first shadowing Mr. Y that we had a sales call down in Lexington Ky.  It was right after Thanksgiving and it was just getting rainy and cold.  It was not so nice weather.  Well, when Mr. Y came to pick me up the car smelled clean!  “Did you clean your car just for me??”    “Uh no….Drain-O spilled and bleached out my floorboard and it was horrible to clean up!”     “Oh….hey why do you have a band-aid on your face?”   “I sneezed and rubbed my eye too hard.  I gave myself a black eye!  It looked so bad I had to put a band-aid on it.  I am thinking about blaming the grandkids…what do you think?”   “Well, I wouldn’t tell him you sneezed and gave it to yourself!  You have to make something up…”  (I am all about being honest but, when you are first meeting someone for a sales call you don’t share “associate code” items such as this!)  “Mrs. Y got me a new suit yesterday.  She insisted!”   “That was awful nice!  Well you look dapper despite the obvious!”

We were almost there and we needed gas, so we stopped at a gas station close and filled up.  It was at this point I turned around and noticed Mr. Y’s new suite coat was in the remnants of the Drain-O and it was ruined!!  There were tiger stripes all over it from where the bleach had just eaten thru it.  “OH NO!  What am I going to do!  I can’t go in there without a coat!  Oh man…”   “Well you can’t wear that!  You will ruin your shirt and skin!”   “Do I have to make a story up for that one too?”   “No you know what?  Just let your eye speak for itself and I am sure that he won’t say anything to you about your coat after your eye….”   MIND YOU, this happened all before this BIG sales meeting we had…sigh.  Never a dull moment, I told you.

We get into this sales meeting finally (Mr. Y has no suit coat on and it is freezing), and of course the gentleman asked about the black eye first.  Whew!  We were safe.  Nothing about the suit coat….We were getting ready to head out and that’s when it all went down…”Where’s your coat?  It’s cold don’t you know!”   “Well…..funny story about that one too…..maybe for another day….”  We scurried out of there like field mice running from an owl!  It was embarrassing!  Humorous and a good call none the less.

We always have such fun when we are out and about on sales calls.  We definitely are going to have a blast this next week when we go to Florida!!  🙂

WHOO! I think this picture literally sums it all up! Go Guy in Business Suit Running!

Disclaimer:  The Y in “Mr. Y” may or may not be his letter of his last name.  Variables x, y, z dictate or indicate a “mysterious feel about the person without really divulging his/her real name”.   See I didn’t break and privacy laws….