Courage is needed to move Forward


How many times have you sat there and wondered, “when is this day going to end?”

I want to propose a new way of looking at it!  Yes as many of us have had bad days, several bad days that turn into weeks, months, and maybe even YEARS of ugly, monotonous, horrific events that just want to make us go back to bed.  Well I must tell you that it takes courage to move forward.

It takes great courage to do big and grand things as well as completing little tasks.  Sometimes it take courage simply getting out of bed in the morning.  To me, we underestimate what courage really is and how it is applied in daily life.  Sometimes it takes courage to love another person even though you know they might not feel the same about you.  So, you courageously love them anyways.

We must be brave despite our task at hand.  We must be brave in whatever is thrown at us.  We must be brave in even the menial events of our daily lives.  Walk courageously and move forward little engine and stop wishing your days away.  Life is just too short.

❤ The CatMan


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