Must be a full moon or two….


Beginning with last weekend which was wonderful as it was one with a very nice holiday included: Labor Day!  To start things off, we had planned to get together with my Aunt Snip Pig’s family as her children were back from college and she thought that would be nice.  It was really nice when she said we could have it at her house.  Pool, (fingers crossed!) nice weather, and lots of activities outdoors.  She called a day before and said she was calling “rain out” for tomorrow and suggested bowling instead!  OK….can I first preface that I have not been bowling in years!  I was feeling good about this decision and thought, “yes this ball will be my key to strikes…”  Boy was I wrong!  I was using an 8 lb. ball (which after fact, I deemed way too light) and began lining up for a roll down the lane.  I was concentrated.  Eye on the pins.  Right step.  Left step. Right step again.  Left step to the knees.  Released ball aim for gutter.  From knees to belly.  From belly to boobs and arms crossing over the foul line.  It all happened so quickly I still was trying to figure out what the heck happened!  I started laughing.  Really?  I mean, really??  Big grin and a bow later I was back in the zone.  I suppose that is what cracked old bowling shoes will do for you.  I cannot understand why anyone would want to take them!  Blek!  This story ends well, however as I went on to achieve my highest game ever at a 161!  GO ME!

This week for being short has been incredibly productive.  I love refreshing, cleaning up, and figuring out how to be more innovative.  I love the sense of accomplishment there.  I started school 4 weeks ago.  For those of you who don’t know, I am going back for Cosmetology!  This is something that I have always wanted to do.  I love making people feel good about themselves as well as learning a new tool or trade.  I love learning how to curl, finger wave, and such.  This move makes for some long days but in the end it will be so worth it.  I am happy and blessed with this decision.  🙂


Because of the schedule, I have been lacking time spent with my roommate Gram and Dog-Dog.  Upon getting home, Gram was still awake.  I asked, “If I open this bottle of wine, would you want a glass?” (stupid question) My lovely and dear 80-year-old beauty of a Gram just simply shakes her head yes. So we shared company over a good glass of Oliver’s Winery Soft Red Wine.  It is so very good for anyone of you all that have not heard of it.  We sat and laughed over this weeks crazy events.  It just seemed like things were off, emotions were high, stress level even higher, and between weird things happening at the house as well as with work, we were very thankful that this week was almost complete!

She was trying to decide whether she wanted a bagel or not.  This would require de-thawing.  I asked her if she wanted me to get the toaster down and she said no as she was going to simply microwave it.  Well I just observed.  She without thinking twice, microwaved it.  Then proceeded to toast it.  She turns around and shakes her head.  At this point we were laughing so hard at the very fact she accidentally toasted her bagel.  I guess you had to be there but her comment was just simply priceless!  “Oh my mind…”  For those of you who don’t know my Gram, this is a catch-all for everything.  She had a stroke 20 years ago and ever since then, it has always been, “well you know how my mind is!”  Oh I treasure these moments so dearly!
Songs of the week:   AND  Both belong to the band Fun.  The first one is just a good one to listen to because of the beat.  To me, it is conducive to work as it is a drum, repetitive, and yeah I like it.  The second item fits for this week.  It fits from the stand point that yes, this week royally stunk.  It was terrible.  It had major ups and major downs.  It was all over the place and even though the optimist in me says, “You had a great week!  You are standing 6 feet over the ground, have a solid family and set of friends supporting you, and you are doing well at school!” I keep my head up and keep pressing on….Keep on going little engine….

Just remember, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” – African Proverb
and red wine makes everything better (and humorous!)
❤ CatMan


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