Uptown Girl.



This lovely morning is one of gloom and lots of rain.  I am so excited!  Well here is the best part…I am going to visit Nomad this weekend where it is supposed to rain the WHOLE time!  Then maybe I could convince him that I ‘may melt’ like the Wicked Witch of the West did….for some reason he believes I will be perfectly fine.  Can’t say that I didn’t warn him?!  That is my one and only disclaimer.

Well my bbf (best blogger friend) Techy brought up a great point…I have never posted pictures of my pool boy…WELL here they are!

Last night, I had a doozy of a night that was too good not to share!  I was warming my wax up so I could tame my unruly brows.  Then I went to stir it and it popped!  The hot wax splattered out onto my linoleum floor!  (OH SHIT!)  If anyone has ever dealt or spilled wax before you know how much of a bear it is.  I called Nomad right away “…HEY can you google something for me??”  God love him, he did.  2 spoons, some olive oil and grunting later, I got the majority of it off.  Clearly this Uptown Girl can’t pay someone else to do it so…I was laughing at my stupidity the whole time!!!  Literally, cackling like a mad woman.  Karma…such a bitch!  🙂  Nomad was laughing at me too.  I told him I would get him for that one!  OH man it was still sticky as of this morning and we will see if the “roommates” notice…

Now on to puddle jumping and off to my meetings!  Have a beautiful day and don’t play with hot wax!  Lesson learned!



One thought on “Uptown Girl.

  1. I bet your bathroom floor is hair-free now.
    Why didn’t you just yank off the wax with paper strips like they do at the salon?

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