Some kind of wonderful!


Saturday shaped up to be a great day…after cheer I met up with the C/Katherine’s and we had a grand time.  We ate, laughed, and ran around senseless.  It was so much fun.

So I went to Walmart…got hit on…and texted poor Nomad!  It made me chuckle a bit.  I sent him the response “If you weren’t in the picture I so would have thought about it ;)”  Then it didn’t hit me until he made a comment…”I couldn’t find anyone better than you, but you may find someone better than me.”  I couldn’t believe how sweet that was!!  EXCEPT, I had to correct him and remind him that was not true at all.  “I won’t find anyone better than you love”  (yeah go a head and say it….AAWWWWWWW!)  Am I making you sick with any of the talk of Nomad, yet?




I have come to realize that you are only as strong as your support surrounding you.  Where you may or may not have people physically there for you, you have plenty there spiritually there.  Only thing is, you cannot see them!  Interesting thought, huh?  You are never actually alone.  Your support group is unending.  Don’t forget those who are there for you both seen and unseen.


5 thoughts on “Some kind of wonderful!

  1. Nice image,nice thought. I’ll try to remember this next time I’m feeling all alone in the world.

    Yes. you are making me sick with all the Nomad chatter. But in a good way 🙂
    Keep it up.

    • 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying…I think of you and the way you just adore your counterpart. Funny how love has a subtle but such amazing judge of time. Just when you needed that person, there they are! By the way I find your blogs hysterical! The banter and conversations are enlightening and just hilarious. YOU TOO keep up the good work and have an amazing (evening?) day!!

  2. awwwww…..sweet…..and sickly….and fun to listen to you go on about him!

    Agree about the support system. I am going on a 5 day get-away with my college roommate…we have been friends for 28 years even though we haven’t lived near each other since college. I know she will always be there if I need her.

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